1. Tools For Your Tool

    Cock rings that look like DIY hardware. I don’t know which I prefer, these or the Dirk Yates toys that look like weapons - I just can't decide. There is something to be said for inventively-shaped sex toys, I find them infinitely more interesting than the often neon-coloured types and they function just as well. They also help to take some of the scariness away if you’re suffering from first-time nerves.

    These are made from firm but stretchy TPR that has been coloured to emulate metal. The smaller Hardware Coupling Hex Nuts cock ring set can be worn together with the larger sitting around the cock and balls and the smaller at the base of the shaft. The larger Hardware Rapid Mounting Hex Nut vibrating ring is also for wearing around your cock and balls but has a bullet vibrator mounted at the top making it ideal for shared stimulation. Both sets are completely waterproof too, so they’re simple to clean and can be enjoyed in the bath and shower. Awesome!

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    • x X x: April 27, 2011 19:40
      Ooh, there's something quite masculine and dirty about those knut shaped cockrings! It reminds me of mechanics. =]
      I would have liked to see the Hardware Rapid Mounting Hex Nut in a smaller size as the Oh is not a fan of behind the balls cockrings. Love the pic, looking gorgeous as ever, Hella!
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