1. Top 5 TENGA Eggs - At a Glance Comparison

    "I was looking for a cheap and cheerful treat for my boyfriend and came across TENGA Eggs. They beat any Cadbury treat."

    Want a delectable treat that's as sexy as it is seasonal? Look no further than the brilliant TENGA Eggs. Transforming the sensations of a hand job, these handy eggs add a whole new dimension to manual stimulation, whether he's using it alone or as part of foreplay with a partner.

    Here are our top 5 most popular TENGA eggs, complete with comments from real customer sex toy reviews so you know exactly what's so great about each style of egg.

    1. TENGA Egg Wavy

    "He said it felt like a very tight woman. VERY tight, but pleasantly so. It was quite a tactile experience for me as well, once I found a suitable rhythm, and I did enjoy it… I must admit, I wish it'd been me giving him those sensations (even if it was my hand driving the egg) and it could possibly cause me a little jealousy.

    It was very easy to clean after use, and will definitely get another outing when I feel like being very nice to him. "

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    2. TENGA Egg Twister

    "This thing is amazing, whether using it myself or having my partner use it on me.

    It gives such an intense sensation due to the fact that it focuses heavily on the head. When buying, I thought it might be too intense, but the material is so soft and lube friendly that it feels just like a tongue… or more like 20 of them.

    I read somewhere that it's single use, but it cleans nice and easily."

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    3. TENGA Egg Spider

    "He told me it felt soft, yet the webbing pattern on the inside felt so good against his end. It really made a huge difference to the feeling and the pleasure he got from it.

    It was a very explosive orgasm with many expletives, all of them positive! He told me it was the best hand job he had ever had and can see why TENGA products are so popular!

    We are able to re-use our Egg, so he is very pleased. Will definitely be buying more TENGA products in the future!"

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    4. TENGA Egg Silky

    "The journey this egg takes you through is just unbelievable. Starting off with a slow rippling sensation it develops into an orgasmic firework which leaves you speechless.

    You will feel the effects of this egg for a long time after using it. Make sure you use lots of lube!

    Although only designed for single use it can be used again. It did sustain slight wear on the inside and the egg went a bit more see-through during use from the stretching. Good fun for couples; my girlfriend enjoyed using it on me and watching my expressions."

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    5. TENGA Egg Stepper

    "I bought this as a little surprise for my partner. When we opened it he laughed as he thought it was a giant Kinder egg… but I showed him it wasn't. He loved the feeling and is looking forward to using it again. It is also so easy to clean - just turn inside out and wash and leave to dry. We loved it, if you are one for bell end play then this is for you!"

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    Comments (3)

    • x X x: April 25, 2011 17:36
      Excellent article. I can't wait to purchase some for my partner. I think they're a great couple-friendly toy that's not threatening at all.
    • Avrielle_Aniko: April 28, 2011 04:49
      I wish there was more information on the actual differences of sensation between the different TENGA Eggs. I got my man a Wavy one and he really enjoyed it. I have a Twister still in the packet, waiting for the right time to reveal it, but my man isn't very good at saying what he prefers when all the options are good. I assume it's the same with most men, but it would be nice to have some insight on what they actually feel like rather than "It was good and I enjoyed it and I orgasmed".

      Any chance of having a future blog post that actually gives a full view of the subtle differences between the eggs? Surely a male member of the Lovehoney team couldn't say no to such a request?

    • Lovehoney - Alice: May 04, 2011 13:33
      Hmmmm... there may be something on the horizon AA!