1. Is it a Tentacle? Is it a Tongue?

    Is it a tentacle? Is it a tongue? The seductive Textured Devil Tongue Glass Dildo is sensationally shaped to make it suitable for all kinds of penetration. Detailed with deep ridges and curved bumps for incredible stimulation and shaped with an upwardly-curving tapered tip to make insertion effortless. It’s easier to use than similarly-sized realistic dildos and much more attractive with its Murano-esque colours and swirls.

    So… tentacle? Tongue? What do you reckon?

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    • x X x: April 20, 2011 15:41
      Ooh, Hella looks stunning here! The tongue glass dildo looks better in that picture too. More of a tongue in that pic.. but a tentacle in the product images. >.<
      Can't wait for some reviews. It does look very unique.
    • Steven: April 21, 2011 08:56
      Tongue in the above picture, tentacle in the product images.

      Think this one would be a candidate for a strangest sex toys blog post similar to the recent doll one!

    • Krys: April 24, 2011 14:10
      I've always thought it looked like a tongue, not a tentacle. I've had my eye on it for a little while, it's unreviewed so I put it on my OA wishlist but I'll probably give in and buy it soon anyway, it's so gorgeous! I would totally leave it out in the open, might shock a few people but it's too pretty to hide away in a box somewhere :P
    • Lovehoney Hella: April 27, 2011 11:17
      x X x: Part of my 'de-punk for the office' regime. ;) It's so gorgeous, I'm developing a real interest in glass tentacle toys.

      Steven: It definitely is a bizarre-looking toy, but still beautiful and it feels incredible with all of those deep ridges.

      Krys: I definitely think it's worth a punt. If you like glass dildos, there's little about this you won't love. The finger loop looks like it would be great for couple's play, especially useful from behind.

      We've had another tentacle in recent weeks, this one's bumpy and PINK glass. Yessssss-a!

    • The Nymphomaniac: April 27, 2011 12:42
      I ordered this a week or two ago and it’s gorgeous. It is really hard to tell how pretty it is in any of the product picture. I purchased it more for the bumps and shape rather than it’s tentacle like appearance. The handle is great; I think more glass dildos should have handles really. You can even slot some vibrators through the handle loop which is an added bonus.
      It does look like a tentacle to me. In some hentai creatures or even humans will have similar tentacle to this product and other will have a more bubbly and bumpy appearance (similar to www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=21487). There is actually an octopus that is a similar red colour to this product and parts of its tentacles have similar bumps. Though this dildo doesn’t look as scary as an actual octopus.
      With the recent addition of all these tentacle dildos it makes me wonder if we will see a tentacle like vibrators or toys in a tentacle shape with working suckers.
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