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    Hella Rouge grapples with Rascal Huge Anal Beads

    These are the Rascal Baller Anal Beads. Our product photos make them look quite innocent, but as you can see from this to-scale photo, they’re a hefty bit of kit that you couldn’t take lightly if you tried.

    These big anal beads measure a hefty 8.35 inches in circumference around each bead, with an insertable length of 15.5 inches. Woah!

    I’m not convinced that the finger loop is really required, but better to be safe than sorry.

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    • Steven: April 13, 2011 14:18
      Ouch! In fact 5 times ouch!
    • x X x: April 13, 2011 22:53
      Wow.. This picture should be uploaded onto the images. It's massive.. >.<
    • Hella LoveHoney: April 14, 2011 09:03
      They are impressively-sized.

      Have you had a read of the two reviews we have so far? Two 5/5 ratings are yet to be contested. Apparently once you're trained to swallow these up - be that one, two, three or more - you'll be kicking serious derriere in the 'quality of orgasm' stakes.

    • sharry: April 15, 2011 14:32
      I can't believe anyone can get these up there!

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