1. Should I give condoms to my underage son?

    Should I give condoms to my underage son?

    There can be social pressure for young people to have sex.

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    My husband went off with another woman two years ago and I have been on my own with my son since then. He is nearly 16, and we get on well but he never sees his father anymore and I am worried as I know he’s becoming more and more interested in sex. I wish he could talk to his dad as I am so worried he might get a girl pregnant or get an STI. How should I tackle this subject?Should I be giving him condoms even though he is underage?

    Julie Answers…Julie Says:

    Good on you for your willingness to tackle this sensitive subject, so your son can tell the difference between what’s real versus the playground rumours. There can be social pressure for young people to have sex - often before they’re ready - and not only do we have a huge rise in STIs, but statistics show that one in every ten babies born in Britain is to a teenage mother.

    Be open and accessible with your son - but not intrusive. Try to talk about relationships and how to communicate too, as this can often be difficult for teenagers. He may not feel able to ask you direct questions, but let him know you’re happy to chat if he wants to - or give him a book that covers the basics if you think he’d prefer it.

    Durex Performa Condoms (12 Pack)I’m not advocating underage sex, but by keeping some condoms in the bathroom cupboard for the time when he may need them, you can encourage him to be responsible and adequately protected.

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    • Tony G: March 04, 2011 12:39
      However an STI or an unwanted pregnancy can ruin lifes