1. Highlights on Sex Toys TV - 17 February 2011

    Lovehoney's Hannah and Annabelle made their TV debut on the Vanessa show this week, showing everyone (including Boyzone) how to do it the Vajazzling way! Using the Vajazzle Individual Crystals, Hannah Vajazzled 'I Heart Vanessa Show' on Sex Toys TV's Annabelle Knight's midriff, showing host Vanessa just how easy it is to add a little glitz to your intimate spots.

    You can watch Vajazzling on Vanessa, just after the last ad break and you can also see how Vajazzling is done by watching this week's Sex Toys TV Highlights. Whether it's the Individual Crystals or the array of Vajazzle designs that take your fancy, you'll find the one for you and will be able to Vajazzle with ease. Get Free UK Delivery on all Sex Toys at Lovehoney.

    Vajazzle Individual Crystals Body Tattoo

    Vajazzle your most intimate parts with these glistening individual crystals. This set of 40 individual self-adhesive crystals are perfect for creating your own personal designs and messages for a beautiful crystal body decoration unique to you.

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