1. Is Crotchless Underwear a Turn On?

    Over the past few weeks, Lovehoney HQ has been inundated with gorgeous new lingerie lines, and amongst it there's been a huge amount of crotchless lingerie. From crotchless tights and bodystockings to crotchless knickers, every manner of easy, breezy underwear has been piling up on our desks and demanding attention. But what exactly is it that makes a crotchless thong so enticing? And is crotchless underwear actually sexy?

    Unable to make up our minds, Hella Rouge and I put a poll on the blog, asking Is Crotchless Underwear a Turn On?

    Is crotchless underwear a turn on?

    It seems, perhaps unsurprisingly, that the charms of an open crotch are particularly appealing to men but clearly there's also something sensually appealing for the wearer too. In need of more opinions, I took to the Lovehoney Forum to ask the burning question: Is Crotchless Underwear a Turn On? and our community was quick to explain the triumphs and tragedies of crotchless.

    "I love wearing them. It makes you feel very sexy and naughty despite what you're wearing on top… You can really surprise the recipient and show them only what you want when you want." (x X x).

    "They are a little bit fiddly but never cease to get me laid." (violeteyes).

    "Yeah love crotchless, does more for me than wearing no underwear. Love the really dirty trashy kind but they need to worn under really good quality clothes." (k&dbdsm).

    "It's not so much about the easy access, but about the naughty little sneak-peak." (Booties).

    "They are not really that appealing to me, I like the unwrapping to much!" (JonnyBeBad).

    "I don't like the idea, it seems a bit tacky to me, I like my underwear to look classy not slutty." (Vampyrewillow).

    Men seemed to appreciate the way crotchless underwear 'framed' the area, while a lot of women found the fact they were open and available to their partner a total turn on. We both smouldered over the idea of a hand wandering up the thigh during a dinner to discover a delectable crotchless secret…

    So do you think that crotchless panties are too trashy to turn you on? Or is that the reason they turn you on? What about crotchless knickers made from exquisite materials - are they still 'cheap'?

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