1. Which is the Best Lube?

    People who use lubricant have better sex. It eases penetration and makes playing, with or without sex toys, so much more enjoyable. It’s the easiest and cheapest way to make every sexual experience you have smoother and more pleasurable.

    Above: Confused by lubes? Watch this video guide with Annabelle and you'll be a lube pro in no time.

    Even if you feel that your body is doing a great job without any assistance, you might be missing out on reams of extra pleasure without knowing it - over 70% of women find sexual experiences more satisfying with lube.

    Whether you just want a water-based lube or if you're feeling more experimental and keen to try other types such as flavoured lube or silicone lube, this guide will help you to find the perfect sexual enhancement for any occasion.

    What is the Lube for?

    Lubes have lots of different ingredients and consistencies, and the best way to decide which is the best lube for you is to think about how you want to use it.

    I want a lube for…

    Try a…

    Vaginal sex Water-Based Lube, Silicone Lube
    Sex toys Water-Based Lube, Silicone Lube (do not use with real-feel or silicone toys)
    Male masturbation Lubes for Men, Water-Based Lube, Silicone Lube (do not use with real-feel or silicone toys)
    Anal sex Anal Lube, Silicone Lube
    Anal sex toys Anal Lube, Silicone Lube (do not use with real-feel or silicone toys)
    Increased sensation for her Female Orgasm Booster, Warming & Tingling Lubricant
    Increased sensation for him Warming & Tingling Lubricant
    Delay or decreased sensation Delay Spray & Cream

    Which is the Best Lube?

    Once you know what you want to use your lube for, scroll through Lovehoney's top lube suggestions for the best all-rounder, as well as the best lubes for new sensations and experiences.

    Lube FAQs

    Is it safe to use lubricant with condoms?

    For the most part, yes. All water-based, silicone and flavoured lubes are 100% safe for use with condoms. The only exception is oil-based lubricant which can degrade the latex of condoms. You'll find that male masturbation lubes are often oil-based. We will always tell you on the product page if a lubricant is not suitable for use with condoms, so make sure to do your research before you buy.

    What is silk lube?

    Some lubricants, like Liquid Silk, are referred to as silk or hybrid lubes. This means that they're technically a mix between water-based and silicone, but the silicone content is low enough that it's fine for use with silicone toys. The advantage of a hybrid lube is that it tends to be more long-lasting than one that is purely water-based.

    Can I use coconut oil as lubricant?

    Yes, although it can't be used with condoms and some sex toys. We recommend using a bottled lube which has been tested and approved for intimate use. Learn more about using natural lubricants.

    Can I use lubricant with my sex toys?

    You can use water-based lube with all sex toys. You should not use silicone lube with silicone sex toys or "real feel" toys like Fleshlights as the silicone in the lube can degrade the finish of your toy.

    Video: Jess and Sammi think everyone should try lube least once. Not sure if it's for you?
    In this video, our sexperts dispel 7 common lubricant myths to help you make the best lube choice.

    Need more help?

    You can Contact Customer Care, who will be able to help you find the right lube. You can email, telephone or live chat to an experienced advisor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    The other great place to look for people's advice on lube is on the Lovehoney Forum, where our community is on hand to give their opinions and tips.

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    Comments (6)

    • Sandra Mcclure: June 10, 2009 17:44
      I found the above information very helpfull ,as I am new to using lubes and it can be confuseing .
    • rich: September 08, 2009 14:38
      Are we saying that silicone has No potential to harm if used 'internaly'?
      It springs to mind horror stories of breast implants of old leaking. . . would there be a significant danger if silicone lube found its way on to broken skin?
    • LoveHoney - Carly: September 08, 2009 16:37
      The silicone used in sexual lubricants is actually completely harmless when used internally.

      All silicone lubricants are completely inert and will be naturally removed by the body (think of the orifices the lube will be used in and how they errr... 'dispose' of things) anyway.

      When it comes to leaking silicone implants, the problem is that an incredible amount of silicone is being dumped into the blood stream, which your immune system mistakes as a foreign body and starts attacking. However this is, literally, a large amount of silicone! No matter if you swallowed a whole bottle of silicone lubricant or poured it directly into an open wound, this isn't enough to alert your immune system that something is wrong.

      So be free, use silicone lubes and be safe in the knowledge that it's perfectly healthy for you to use!

    • brad deerey: August 30, 2010 02:55
      is it safe to use wet warming lubricant in my real doll? i've heard you have to be careful what types that you use because certain kinds will damage the doll. i've always used water based lubes but the warming kinds sound very tempting.
    • Hella LoveHoney: February 15, 2011 15:47
      Your Read Doll is made from silicone and you're right to exercise caution. Warming lube should be safe, however it is silicone lube that is likely to cause issues. Different silicone polymers can bond together making your doll melt.

      Always opt for a water-based lubricant with silicone dolls and toys.

    • babatunde: June 01, 2014 19:37
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