1. Best Sex Toy Reviews of January 2011

    Clitoriffic Waterproof Clitoral VibratorChoosing a gift for your Valentine? Chances are that you'll want to read what other people thought to help you choose the right thing to light their fire. If you reckon the reviewer has similar taste to your lover, you know it'll probably work for them too. Because of this, we reckon reviews are vital in helping you make the right decisions.

    To reward our review writers, we give £100 worth of sex toys to the person who writes the Lovehoney Review of the Month. We also choose a selection of highly commended reviews and reward them each with 2000 Oh! Points to spend as they wish - or save up for something special.

    Review of the Month

    Our winner this month is Tearoha with her review of the Clittorific Waterproof Clitoral Vibrator. We felt this was an absolutely outstanding review that managed to pack loads of information into just three well-crafted paragraphs. She gave us her background so we knew we could relate to the situation, told us everything we needed to know about the product and gave some inventive suggestions.

    "I felt that a clitoral vibrator would be best for me; the waterproof aspect of the Clitoriffic is what first attracted me to it, and I must also admit, its beautiful shiny smooth texture. Much to my delight, I had an amazing time experimenting with my body; I used it during long baths, and tried it in different positions in bed. Funnily enough, our relationship actually grew stronger as I was able to tell him about all the experiences I was having in my free time with the vibrator. Now that we’re back together, we still use it regularly during sex, and I use it from time to time when I'm alone. I’ve even tried pressing it against his testicles during oral sex; it’s so easy to be creative with."

    Read the full review here and read on to find out which other sex toy reviews have been rewarded for being outstanding this month.

    High commended sex toy and lingerie reviews in January

    Pin Ups Bombshell Orgasm Balm 7gniftyb wrote a fantastic review of the Pin Ups Bombshell Orgasm Balm, pointing out that it's a great way to experiment with orgasm balms if you're curious about their effects. We felt this review gave an accurate idea of what to expect - including the to-die-for vintage packaging. Read the review.

    Rene Rofe Mesh and Lace Flyaway Babydoll and G-String SetA review of the Rene Rofe Mesh and Lace Flyaway Babydoll and G-String Set by Charles24 made us come over all romantic. At the same time as telling us what we need to know about the lingerie, he also managed to express exactly how much he loves his girlfriend. Fantastic stuff! Read the review.

    njoy Fun Wand Stainless Steel Dildomonkeyandsugarmouse went down the Lovehoney favourite 'he said/she said' route for their review of the njoy Fun Wand Stainless Steel Dildo. A gorgeous toy that some may think needs little explanation, the review added a brilliant insight into how it works really well as a couple's toy. Read the review.

    Marie Retro Satin Mary Jane Platform StilettosAn entertaining review from bigger-than-the-average-smurf (her words!) BashfulBabe gave us an insight into her life at the same time as describing the (sadly discontinued) Marie Retro Satin Mary Jane Platform Stilettos. Think you can't wear platform shoes? Read the review and think again!

    7 Speed Wand Essentials Massage WandNew reviewer Camilla compared her experiences of the Hitachi Magic Wand with the new 7 Speed Wand Essentials Massage Wand. We felt that comparing the new wand with the massager of legend was particularly helpful information for others (including us at Lovehoney - thanks Camilla!). Read the review