1. Can Men Use Rabbit Vibrators?

    Rabbit vibrators are generally considered to be toys purely for use by woman. With their vibrating ears and rotating shaft, they're ideally designed to stimulate the clitoris and G-spot. But would those delicious ears work well on the male anatomy? And what about that romping, rotating shaft?

    Now, we get rabbit vibrator reviews fairly often from men reporting on how well their chosen gift had gone down with their partner, but this week it was all about the men going solo with a rabbit vibrator. The topic even spilled over into the Lovehoney Forum, with a member starting the thread Any guys used a Rabbit?

    Whether you're a man looking to buy a rabbit or a woman thinking about experimenting with your partner, read on to find out what our reviewers say in their sex toy reviews about what the rabbit vibrator can do for a man.

    Using the Rabbit Ears Externally

    Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit 2.0 Slimline VibratorReviewing the Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit 2.0 Slimline Vibrator was Bacon, who originally purchased the Rabbit vibrator for his partner but soon found those well-regarded bunny ears were good for more than clitoral stimulation. "Well I ordered this for my partner and she loves it but during play she took the rabbit ears and held them to the tip of my penis… It's my birthday soon and I know what I'm asking for." Read the review.

    Top Tips

    • Use the vibrating Rabbit ears to stimulating the head of the penis, the balls or perineum.
    • Hold the Rabbit ears apart and put them either side of the shaft for concentrated, all-encompassing vibrations.
    • Try holding the Rabbit shaft alongside the penis for a full-length vibrating sensation.

    Using the Rabbit Anally

    Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit 2.0 G-Spot VibratorSelecting the Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit 2.0 G-Spot Vibrator for its P-spot potential was Kem2k2. "It has quite a small girth which I prefer and the smoothness of it meant when lubricated it inserted easily. The length between when the beads start and when the tip ends in the length of an Aneros, so it hits the prostate nicely. Turning the settings up only made this pleasure more intense. The vibrations were next and they added even more to the experience, and can be felt on the inside as well as the bunny ears on the perenium."

    "Seriously guys, this is not just one for the girls, buy 2, one for her and one for yourself and just see what the fuss is about." Read the review.

    Top Tips

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    Comments (8)

    • Rebecca Dakin: January 28, 2011 15:07
      Always used my rabbit on boyfs, they love it :) and not just the ears ;-p
    • Laska: January 28, 2011 20:13
      Okay, the questions before us - can a man use the rabbit vibrator. I teach at my In-home Sex Toy parties - how a man can hold the rabbit vibrator during oral sex on his female partner or male partner.

      First you hold the bottom shaft of the vibrator (where the batteries are located) and the rabbit part you use to support the area between your thumb and first finger. Or turn the rabbit part away from your face. Ensure the Rabbit Clit vibration is turned OFF. Like holding a handle.

      Then insert the shaft into the vagina or anus and start the rotating motion.

      Then start oral sex on the clit or the balls etc.

      Many men rest the base of the rabbit (bottom part) on their shoulder blade. The rotation of the unit, helps the women enjoy oral sex even more.

      Also it keeps the man's fingers from inserting into the vagina or anus. As sometime when a man inserts fingers he can be a little rough in the penetration of his fingers. As many men think their fingers need to penetrate at the same rate as their penis. For some of us women too much too fast.

      He can watch the rotation in the vagina or anus which helps the visual portion for the man. Very visual.

      Try this method, very popular at my In-Home Educational Sex Toy Parties in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

    • JR: February 06, 2014 09:28
      Here is an account of my first foray into anal play using my girlfriends vibrators; a Love Honey Super Smoothie and a Jessica Rabbit slimline. I am a heterosexual male who was formerly of the opinion that the 'back passage' was 'exit only', mostly for perceived cleanliness issues.

      However, amongst other medical-related things I will not go into here, my partner purchasing the aforementioned sex toys piqued my interest as I knew I'd have the time to experiment with no pressure.

      After a couple of experiments I figured out things that needed to be done to prepare, mostly putting down coverings and preparing lubes, tissues etc.

      I started off my douching, I should really have done this twice but would have run a bit short of time. Things were manageable cleanliness-wise but this is an area where preparation is key! I used latex disposable gloves and boiled water for cleanliness and plenty of tissues. I used condoms over both toys as I didn't want to contaminate them and make them unsuitable for future vaginal play.

      Once douched I cleaned up with baby wipes, changed my latex gloves and began. I started off by using the love honey vibrator as a dildo - with plenty of lube - to open up my sphincter and rectum. It stung quite a lot at first but got better when adding more lube. I got strong sensations of needing to pee - which I did at one point, maybe a result of absorbing the water from the douching.

      On a few occasions when I withdrew the vibrator there were some small 'deposits' which were easily cleaned off with tissues. There was also some leakage, assisted by my open anaus and the lube, some watery fecal matter was able to drip out, I'm glad I put paper down and has tissues handy!

      I put this down for only douching once, something I will rectify next time.

      When I was comfortable with the ease of penetration I decided to move up a level - stimulating my prostate with the rabbit.

      The rabbit was a slimline one but the head was *very* difficult to get inside, I needed a lot of lube but once into the rectum it felt fine. Removing it was one of those pleasure/ pain moments, immediately it was removed the euphoric feeling made me want to put it straight back inside and do it all again! Again, re-inserting was difficult.

      Once used to the sensations of the rabbit vibrator being in place I began to play properly, moving it around inside me as well as masturbating.

      Even on the highest setting when my anus clenched it could stop the rotating motion. The vibrating rabbit part didn't do much for me so I switched it off. What was great was moving it up and down inside me and allowing the natural clenching of my muscles to affect the speed of the rotators. I tried standing up, bending over, squatting etc., am undecided on the best approach.

      Even while masturbating my cock was semi-hard at most but I had a spectacular climax, the amount of spunk produced by massaging the prostate was incredible and my orgasm was quite unlike any I've had through masturbation or sex (regular or oral). My legs were quivering and afterwards, removing the rabbit gave the same euphoric feeling. There was no way I could get it back in again though!

      I will definitely experiment again, taking time to clean out properly beforehand as things were a little messy. I need to find a source of cheap good lube, doing this regularly could get expensive!

      All-in-all a great experience: 8.5/10
    • Anthony griffiths: September 28, 2014 07:59
      I am trying a vibrating rabbit for the first time but i have enjoyed dildos any advise
    • kyron: June 04, 2017 19:41
      Is it gay if guys use the purple metal rabbit retina dildo to analy pentrate themselves because I am considering trying it out tonight and answers as soon as possible will be much appreciated
    • kyron: June 04, 2017 20:41
      Also is it ok to ejaculate onto theddildo and use your own cum as lube
    • Secret: September 01, 2019 22:58
      I tried it last night with my girlfriends rabbit vibrator and I came everywhere very fast. It felt so good to be inside me with the ears pressing against me but when I turned it on I was blown into a new world
    • Daf1974: September 22, 2019 20:42
      I used my missus's Mantric Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator in my arse this morning, amazing. Even managed to get the rabbit bit inside too, wow
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