1. Student Sex Blogger Jake of Facts and Friction Shares his Sex Toy Box

    Letting us peek into his goodie drawer is risqué blogger Jake Holden who writes one of our favourite sex blogs, Facts and Friction. Jake's a 20-something straight male who writes about university life, sex and his own debauched experiences. Guest blogging for us today, he's recently single and looking forward to getting back into the swing of things…

    Jake of Facts and Friction Shares his Toy Box

    "I think sex toys (and as a wannabe connoisseur of the slippery stuff, I’m going to include lube in this category) are fantastic because everyone can do with a little bit of a helping hand in the bedroom. Whether it’s a cock ring to keep you hard, intensify your orgasm, and stimulate your partner’s clit while inside her, or a TENGA Flip Hole to give the most intense ever orgasms, there are toys for any taste, any activity and any for single individual or couple. Finding the right ones for you is all part of the fun."

    "My sex toy collection is relatively modest, as you can see from the photo above. I’ve only been buying toys for about the last three or four years, the time I have been at university and writing about my sexual experiences there on my blog Facts and Friction. At the moment, the majority of my toys are at my house at university, and some less favourite or bulkier toys like my Fleshlight, older lubes and cock rings that can’t compare with the Lelo Tor are at my old room at my parent’s house."

    "With my collection I’ve tried to go for high quality toys based on positive reviews on blogs and Lovehoney, rather than amass a collection of plasticy junk toys that will just waste space. My bank balance has also benefited from the reduced range of toys that are available for men, although I do have my eyes on the somewhat pricey Fun Factory Cobra Libre to be the next addition to my collection."

    "I store all my toys inside an IKEA cabinet that’s near my bed. Lubes, condoms, my two bullet vibes and a few constant favourites (the Lelo Bob butt plug, Lelo Tor cock ring) are kept in a top drawer, and bulkier or less frequently used toys (such as my beloved TENGA Flip Hole) are kept in the bottom drawer. I adore silicone lube for its silky, never-drying lubricating properties, but do have to be careful to make sure that the perpetually slippery bottle stays away from my silicone Lelo Bob - if that guy got ‘melted’ by the dreaded silicone lube and silicone toy reaction then I’d be very upset. Sadly departed toys such as my TENGA Soft Air Cushion Onacup and TENGA Egg toys are, unfortunately, currently stored in a landfill somewhere :(."

    1. My first sex toy was…

    Naughty Boy Vibrating Prostate MassagerLooking back, it’s hard to remember what my first sex toy was. I’d always bought lube from Lovehoney, but I think the first toy I bought was a flesh coloured vibrator that was on Deal of the Day for £2.50 or something… I think I bought it mostly out of curiosity and it’s since been thrown away. The first ‘proper’ toy that I bought was a slim buttplug and the Naughty Boy Vibrating Prostate Massager, after a while of experimenting with just using fingers. I still use the Naughty Boy, but I think the best thing about that toy was that it introduced me to the wonders of the Rocks Off RO-80mm - the best bullet vibe I’ve ever tried.

    2. My newest sex toy is…

    Aneros Helix Prostate MassagerMy newest sex toy is my Aneros Helix. I’d always been interested in the idea of prostate massage, and fancied trying one of the specialist shaped toys from Aneros, rather than a regular buttplug shaped toy like the Lelo Bob or Naughty Boy. There’s (apparently) a steep learning curve to using these toys, so while I haven’t experienced any of the hands-free or non-ejaculatory male orgasms that are much enthused about on the Aneros forums, I’m happy to keep trying this toy every now and again.

    3. My favourite sex toy for guaranteed orgasms is…

    TENGA Flip Hole MasturbatorAh, my favourite toy. There is a special, cylindrical shaped part of my heart that will always be filled with the TENGA Flip Hole. This thing is mind boggling, leg shakingly, uncontrollably moaningly awesome. I don’t even think half of that description makes sense, but that’s because yesterday evening I used the Flip Hole and I must still be recovering. This thing gives me orgasms that are better than sex, and that leave me unable to stand or talk for a while afterwards. If you own a penis, but not one of these, then you need to make an investment in this fine piece of Japenese masturbatory engineering.

    4. My favourite sex toy to use with a partner is…

    Ammunition RO-120mm Bullet VibratorSo, the Tenga is my favourite toy to use on my own. But when I’m with a partner the Rocks Off RO-80mm Bullet Vibrator is definitely my favourite. This thing is awesome, it’s tiny, but powerful and quiet. I’ve tried the Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator which is another very popular choice, but I’m still convinced that this is quieter and more powerful. It’s small, unobtrusive and near silent, so it’s the perfect toy to use with a newish partner, or someone unfamiliar with sex toys. You can bet that once they’ve felt this on their clit during sex that they’ll want one of their own. In fact, I’ve bought about three of these that have been given to partners that were so impressed by my own one.

    5. The sex toy that changed my life was…

    Liquid Silk Lube (250ml)As keen an enthusiast as I am, I don’t think any toy has ‘changed my life’! I would say however, that the joys of finding the perfect lube (either Liquid Silk or a silicone lube such as Pjur Bodyglide or Wet Platinum) and condoms (Durex Love, or a new polyisoprene condom like Lifestyles SKYN) have been pretty bedroom-life changing.

    6. My quirkiest sex toy is…

    Lovehoney Sqweel Oral Sex SimulatorAh, this would have to be the Sqweel! I got sent this under a vow of secrecy before its release so I could promote it on my blog and try it with a partner. Now I’m single it’s not getting much love but I can’t bring myself to get rid of such a comical looking and imaginatively designed toy!

    7. The sex toy everyone must have is…

    I’m not sure I can tell girls what toys they must have, but for guys I stick with my assertion that a TENGA Flip Hole is a must-have investment. I’d also get a RO-80mm bullet vibe to use on a partner’s clit during sex if you fancy earning major brownie points!

    Comments (9)

    • Alice, LoveHoney: January 25, 2011 15:01
      Love this post! I also have exactly the same IKEA drawers - nifty little things.
    • toycar69: January 25, 2011 15:33
      Great to see a guy blogging for Lovehoney, we do seem to be a bit outnumbered by the ladies!

      Seems to me that its more acceptable for a girl to own a vibrator than a buy to own a tenga. More publicity needed!

    • *Emma*: January 25, 2011 16:11
      Im a nosey one at the best of times so enjoyed reading what other toys people have a recommend x
    • Suzie: January 25, 2011 17:00
      I mainly love that that's two drawers out of a six-drawer unit! Definitely jealous!

      Agreed on the love for the guys flashing their stashes, whatever stigma there is with women using toys, guys seem to still get it worse. Good on ya, Jake!

    • Jake Holden: January 25, 2011 17:04
      Haha but to be fair, that bottom drawer is hardly full! Unless I threw in my flashlight and a few other missing bits and bobs...

      I have no problem admitting to my love of (mainly butt based) toys... online, at least! ;)

    • Snarkier Than You: January 26, 2011 22:02
      As the main purveyor of toys & such in my [straight, married] relationship, it's nice to see some suggestions/recommendations from a guy's point of view. Thanks for sharing!

      : )

    • Loves Huni: January 27, 2011 00:27
      Very interesting read - its nice to hear a guy's POV for a change plus its definately made me think a lot more about what to buy my OH! thankyou for the honest advice!

      much love LH xxx

    • closetfreak: July 13, 2011 12:58
      nice post to Best source for tips on how to help sex toys our enjoyment.
    • sekso prekes: February 18, 2013 10:25
      What an equipment! Maybe would be better to find a girl?