1. Are all types of lube safe to use during oral sex?

    Are all types of lube safe to use during oral sex?

    Water-based and silicone lubes are safe to taste.

    Question for JulieQuestion:

    Are all types of lubricant safe to taste during oral sex even though it does not state it on the tube? My boyfriend who I have been with for just over a year now says that he does not like the taste of me without using any lubes.

    Even when I wash and its my natural taste, he says he doesn't like the taste, making me feel bad about myself. I want him to enjoy giving me oral sex but he doesn't and just blocks out the taste. Should I let him carry on even though I know deep down he does not like it or stop letting him give me oral sex and just do other things instead? Is there any thing I can do to make him like the way I taste?

    Julie Answers…Julie Says:

    In answer to your first question: As far as I know, water-based and silicone lubricants are safe to taste. And in the case of flavoured lubes, I’m assuming they wouldn’t be flavoured if they weren’t meant to be tasted. Make sure you avoid oil-based lubes though - they’re not recommended for vaginal use anyway.

    Regarding your boyfriend your boyfriend not liking your natural taste - I really feel for you. You don’t say whether you yourself have noticed anything that worries you, eg. a different smell, or a discharge? Also, some men are squeamish about a woman’s natural smell and secretions, so don’t discount the idea that this could all be his problem!

    I do know this is an issue for many people (so you’re certainly not alone) but it can hardly be doing wonders for your confidence. Don’t give up yet though - there are things you can try. As you’re washing regularly but your boyfriend still complains, I think it might be wise to get checked out with your GP or a clinic, to make sure there aren’t any underlying medical issues (or if you have noticed any changes yourself).

    If you’re ok but the problem continues, take a look at your diet and lifestyle - stress, heavy drinking, smoking, and lots of spicy, animal or dairy products can all affect us vaginally (basically the same foods that influence our breath and body odour). Steer clear too of any body lotions that are petroleum-based as these can clog you up and disrupt your natural bacterial balance. And anything that dehydrates you (like antihistamines) won't help, so make sure you keep your fluid intake as high as possible - two litres of plain water a day will make a big difference.

    You can also try the Sweet Release Oral Sex Supplement from Lovehoney. Taken as a pill, it’s a dietary supplement which alters both the the scent and the taste of your secretions. It promises to change your vaginal lubricate to a citrus flavour within 7 to 28 days, so it could be worth a try.

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    • Suzie: January 23, 2011 16:12
      Could also be worth mentioning that over-washing can cause us chicks to smell more strongly instead of less so. There's a range of 'good bacteria' that stop 'bad bacteria' overpopulating, and if you kill off the goodies and don't leave them time to recover, the baddies - who are much swifter at setting up camp when it's all empty - will run amok and cause bad smells (as well as possibly induce bouts of lovely things like thrush).

      A bad smell, or reports of a bad smell/taste, usually spur on an overly-vigorous hygiene routine, which can make the situation worse.

      Make sure you're cleaning with just water, or if you must use soap, get something with a lower pH (there's a few on the market designed especially for "intimate feminine use"), and make sure not to use it inside the vagina itself.

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