1. As Seen On - "The Joy of Teen Sex"

    Did you watch The Joy of Teen Sex on Channel 4 last night? Or have you caught up with the programme on 4OD? If you're wondering which toys and lubes the experts were suggesting, look no further.

    How can I enjoy anal sex?

    Sex coach Joanna Wierzbicka gave some great advice about how to enjoy anal play. First up - use lots and lots of lube! Everything is better with lube and if you use the right one there's no need for it to be messy. Starting with a bottle of Maximus Anal Lubricant Joanna showed how to apply lube to both your fingers and the anus before you start playing. She also suggested that a great way to start relaxing yourself before having anal sex is to use a toy. The one she showed was the slimline Naughty Boy Vibrating Prostate Massager that also has a vibrating bullet that sits on the outside of the body. A fantastic tip she gave was to use the toy slowly, masturbate at the same time and when at the point of orgasm, turn the vibrating bullet on for an incredible feeling.

    How do I have sex with other women?

    To enhance the positions shown on the programme, the Toy Joy Mini Bullet Vibrator was suggested. It's small, really powerful and a great addition to nearly all sexual positions. The strap-on shown was a gorgeous blue dildo that had no veins or balls (or hair)! If you're looking for one just like it, the Fetish Fantasy First Timers Strap-On Set in blue would be perfect for your first strap-on session.


    Teen reporter Billie JD Porter also investigated genital decoration, including the trend of the moment: vajazzling. Rather than having to go to a salon to be waxed and vajazzled like the woman featured in the programme, you can do it in the comfort of your own home with vajazzle transfers. These can also be put on your hip, shoulder or stomach to adorn your body.