1. How to Vajazzle

    Starting life as a salon-only treatment, the popularity of vajazzling has exploded. Rather than worry about styling pubic hair to make 'down there' look more interesting, women can now opt for a vajazzle - a beautiful arrangement of self-adhesive sparkling crystals.

    Vajazzle kits are as simple to use as those temporary tattoos we all loved when we were kids, but no rubbing stick or water is required.

    Each set features a little cluster of crystals with an adhesive on the back that sticks straight onto the skin. You don't necessarily have to stick them to your intimate areas, they also look great on your shoulder, ankle, hip bone, bust, back and upper arm.

    If you are going to vajazzle, then you'll need a bit of prep. After all, your crystals are going to go missing amongst a sea of pubic hair, that's if you're able to get them to stick there in the first place. Hair removal is the first port of call to ensure your Vajazzling platform is silky smooth.

    If you're a shaver, we recommend the Earthly Bodies Dare to Be Bare Shave Oil and Cream Combo (£19.99). Especially formulated for your most intimate areas, you'll be assured a perfectly smooth mons pubis with decreased risk of irritation and in-grown hairs.

    Vajazzles are really easy to apply and can last for up to three days if applied properly, so you and your lover will be able to enjoy the look of your sparkly Vattoo for longer if you ensure you prepare your body properly.

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