1. Bodystockings - Are They Hot?

    Bodystockings. The great sexual divide of our nation. Whether you've tried them or not, you've probably got an opinion about whether bodystockings are sexy. And once you've fallen into the 'sexy' or 'not sexy' camp, you tend to stay there. But maybe they're worth a re-think?

    Unsure of our opinions and curious about what Lovehoney customers really make of the slinky all-in-ones, Hella Rouge and I took to the Lovehoney Forum to ask the burning question: Bodystockings - Are They Hot?. On the sexy side, there were vocal supporters of the sheer wonder of the bodystocking:

    "I LOVE LOVE LOVE bodystockings!!! I find them very flattering: like being naked but decorated and they emphasise feminine curves maginficently." (KittyPurry)

    "I love bodystockings. I think they can look gorgeous with the right shaped ones that accentuate your figure. I'm not a fan of the fishnet ones either. It can have an amazing effect on your confidence and turn you into a minx." x X x

    While others expressed the way they fear they make the body look "like a potato in an sock" (BashfulBabe) or "like bound sausagemeat" (Tigerlilies).

    A rare species, one convert reported on the thread: "Got a bodystocking for xmas - actually looks quite good! So yeah I think they look sexy." (violeteyes)

    Coming away with inconclusive results, we decided to put a poll on the blog, asking 'Are Bodystockings Sexy?'

    And what a result! A resounding yes! After all, they're not just about the crotchless fishnet variety - there's some beautiful lace bodystocking designs emerging at the moment.

    So what do you think of bodystockings? And, more importantly, do you think it's possible you could switch camps if you're currently of the 'not sexy' mindset?

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    • Sophie: February 02, 2011 21:58
      I Think they look just delicious!, i have more of a lacey one, and it makes me feel so sexy, the way it hangs onto my curves, sometimes even though my boyfriend tells me i am sexy, i have bad days where we get kinky and im wearing normal lingerie, and i feel like i hang out of it, but the body stocking doesnt make me feel like that, i feel sexy!
      i URGE u to buy one !!
    • saiful50: November 10, 2011 07:20
      Nice and it's really work.
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