1. Can I Give a Sex Toy as a Valentine's Day Gift?

    As Valentine's Day approaches, you are likely to be considering the best course of action for putting a smile on your lover's face with your chosen gift. There is no denying that most people would gratefully receive a nice box of chocolates with a pseudo-anonymous card thrown in for good measure, but there is a certain lack of imagination and creativity when it comes to what are considered to be 'standard Valentine's Day gifts'.

    It's on a similar vein as buying your Dad socks for Christmas, albeit a perfectly acceptable gift but this is where the problem lies. Is 'acceptable' enough on a day that is celebrating love and affection between two intimate companions? Why not invest in your relationship by giving your partner a Fun Gift that will help both of you achieve immense pleasure and satisfaction in your sex life? Lovehoney has a vast and eclectic range of best-selling Sex Toys and Essentials that could make a real difference and improvement to your sex life.

    Explore each others erogenous zones and share the intimate experience of using a Sex Toy for the first time or indeed building upon an existing collection of pleasure-pleasing items. It will be a romantic gift to remember and will ensure your Valentine's Day is a fun, intimate and sexy affair. With Free Delivery on all of Lovehoney's products, make finding the perfect gift for your lover and exciting and stress-free experience.

    Sexy and Discreet

    1. Tracey Cox Supersex 3 Speed Secretvibe Bullet - £19.99

    With three vibration speeds, the Tracey Cox Supersex Secretvibe Bullet Vibrator is discreet, waterproof and small enough to go wherever you go. Treat yourself to endless, intense orgasms and come out glowing post-Valentine's evening. Choose one of the three intensely satisfying speeds to suit your pleasure-level. Enclosed in an attractive tin, it's perfectly designed for discreet and safe storage and is the ideal gift to your partner this Valentine's Day.

    Bullet Vibrators are perfect for solo pleasure and are a less intimidating way of exploring powerful waves of pleasure delivered from a discreet and slick operator. Use on your lover's clitoris, nipples and any other sensitive part of the body that is craving some attention. "Good things come in small packages - and this brilliantly effective, pocket-size vibe is portable and packs a punch," says Tracey.

    2. Erotic Heart Challenges - £14.99

    Sex Games are a fantastic way of introducing new positions, intimacy and fun to your sex life and offer a great way of exploring and discovering more about each others sexuality. Beautifully presented in a heart-shaped box and containing more than 100 challenges for you and your lover to try, this is a truly titillating gift to be enjoyed you and your partner.

    Simply pick a scroll from the heart using the tweezers supplied and let the playful seduction and erotic challenges ensue. 'Tell your partner about your latest sexual encounter and describe how it felt.' 'Have you ever made love on the stairs? Now is your chance!' - just a couple of examples of the sexy fun and games you and your lover could be enjoying on Valentine's Day and beyond.

    Luxury & Stylish

    Lelo Insignia Alia Luxury Waterproof Massager - £109.99

    Couple-friendly and a beautiful gift idea, the smooth outer shell glides over the skin, as near-silent vibrations stimulate and pleasure. Alia is a waterproof massaging vibrator from Lelo whose gorgeous simplicity inspires a host of intimate possibilities. A romantic gift of sculpted beauty and designed to deliver 6 powerful modes of vibration for an intimate all-over body massage, gliding effortlessly across your partners skin.

    Designed to fit the palm of your hand with a finger loop for precision, erogenous zones can be explored and stimulated, guiding the waves of vibration to the clitoris with the smooth and contoured tip. Once charged, the battery life will last for approximately 4 hours, meaning even the longest of sexual expeditions can be spiced up with the use of the Insignia. Beautifully boxed, the Inisgnia also comes with a storage pouch, recharger and a little Lelo pin brooch.

    4. Lelo Mia Rechargeable Vibrator - £34.99

    If you're planning on whisking your lover away for a romantic weekend this Valentine's Day, this could be the gift to put the icing on the cake. A beautiful, Swedish-made rechargeable lipstick vibrator from Lelo, with four discreet but powerful stimulation modes to deliver up to 4 hours of intense pleasure between charges.

    Simply charge the vibrator for 2 hours on receipt and surprise your lover with hours of continuous vibration upon arrival at your destination. Presented in an elegant box with a satin carry pouch included, this luxury vibrator saves you from the hassle of having to wrap it up and can be kept for years of pleasure in its discreet, travel friendly packaging. The perfect companion to sexy weekends away.

    Intimate Play

    5. Tracey Cox Supersex 7 Function Wonder Wand Power Vibrator - £18.00

    "Use this vibe to soothe tired muscles - then stimulate and satisfy other saucier parts." says Tracey. A very appealing thought which is why this versatile Wonder Wand vibrator could be the answer for those of you looking to spoil and indulge your partner this Valentine's Day.

    Perfect as an intimate and loving gift with the winning combination of being both soothing and satisfying, slow and gentle or powerful and intense - you'll be spoilt for choice with the range of delectable vibration combinations to stimulate you in all the right spots. The flexible head of this multispeed vibrator is ideal for intense clitoral stimulation - but it's also perfect to massage aching back muscles.

    6. Lover's Choice Romantic Essentials Kit - £11.99

    If a more traditional style of massage is favoured by you and your lover then this Essentials Kit contains everything you'll need for an intimate and sensual treat. Set the scene with the provided tealights and arouse your lover's senses with the sensual bubble bath and scented silk rose petals for an intimate and connecting experience.

    Refer to the included guide full of sexy tips and naughty ideas and combine with the chocolate warming massage oil for an evening of sexual exploration and sensory explosion.

    Sensory Exploration

    7. Lelo Boa Pleasure Ties - £30.00

    If you and your lover are fans of sensory exploration and like to keep it exciting in the bedroom, these Pleasure Ties from Lelo make a great addition to an evening of exploration and fun in the bedroom. With pouches of freshwater pearls at one end balancing stylish metal O rings at the other, these beautifully long silk restraints offer a new approach to sensual bondage.

    Looping the ties through the rings, you or your partner can be held by either ankles or wrists in the ways that excite them most, ensuring the most passionate of possibilities in bedroom play this Valentine's Day.

    8. Bijoux Petits Bonbons Tickle Me Feather Tickler - £8.99

    A tickle and stroke can invoke an overwhelming response which is why this stunning feather tickler from Bijoux's Petit Bonbon range makes a stylish and exciting Valentine's Day gift. Measuring 6 inches in length with a satin wrapped holder and beautiful bow detailing, this is the perfect accessory to a night with tickling and titillation on the agenda.

    Although small in size, the soft marabou feathers can be used to stroke, dangle and tease the skin to heighten sensitivity and tempt further touch. A true treat for the senses and with a touch of boutique style and elegance.