1. Best Sex Toy Reviews of December 2010

    If you're looking for something new to please you in 2011, chances are that you'll want to read what other people thought to help you choose the right thing for you. Because we know reviews are so important to help you make the right decisions, we give £100 worth of sex toys to the person who writes the Lovehoney Review of the Month. We also choose highly commended reviews and reward them with 2000 Oh! Points a piece.

    Review of the Month

    Getting in early on 1 December and swooping the Review of the Month title was minutehand with his review of Monogamy: A Hot Affair Game. Minutehand's expertly written review was informative, exciting and succinct. Here's a snippet to get you going:

    "What makes it especially great is that with the different levels of intimacy on the cards, your game can be as sweet or as sexy as you desire, depending on your mood. The standard rules progress gradually through all 3 levels as your counters pass along the board - intimate, passionate and steamy, but mix it up how you like. Go through a whole game of "intimate" cards if you're a new couple or just want a honey-sweet time cuddling in pillows, or up the heat on the winter fire with the "passionate" and "steamy" cards if you're up for a raunchier time. If you've managed to hold yourselves back by the game's end, choose yourselves a fantasy from the very well-written black cards and bring things to a climax."

    It gave us here at Lovehoney the inspiration to write a guide to sex games, and we reckon that definitely deserves brownie points (and a £100 shopping spree). Read the fantastic full review here.

    Highly commended sex toy and lingerie reviews in December

    Fun Factory Cobra Libre Luxury Male Vibrator

    Pixieking wrote an epic review of the Fun Factory Cobra Libre Luxury Male Vibrator leaving no stone unturned, but also summarised for those looking for a final verdict. "How does the toy actually feel? In a word, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!". Read the review.

    Lovehoney Silencer 2.0 Super Quiet Waterproof Vibrator

    Giving us a great lowdown on the Lovehoney Silencer 2.0 Super Quiet Waterproof Vibrator was Ecksvie. By comparing the touch, look and noise of the vibrator to other's she's used, we got a precise idea of what to expect from this toy. We also loved the list of pros and cons to summarise at a quick glance. Read the review.

    Aurora Illuminating Quiet and Smooth Massager

    Writing a comprehensive review of the new Aurora Illuminating Quiet and Smooth Massager was Tupperwareheart. From a description of each vibrating setting, to explaining whether that triangulated shaft actually works, Tupperwareheart takes all the guessing out of buying this high-end toy. Read the review.

    Wild Orchid 10 Speed Motion Sensor Massager

    Giving the Wild Orchid 10 Speed Motion Sensor Massager a good going over was englishrose. Describing this magic wand with accuracy and humour, we thought the eloquence of this review really shone through. Read the review.

    Doc Johnson Great American Challenge

    MsEllie decided to take up the Doc Johnson Great American Challenge and we loved reading her review of the dildo that we've all been wondering about. Giving us a vicarious go with the Challenge, this review is not for the faint-hearted! Read the review.

    Lelo Insignia Alia Luxury Waterproof Vibrator

    Ticking boxes that BashfulBabe didn't even know she had, the Lelo Insignia Alia Luxury Waterproof Vibrator inspired a review packed with praise indeed for the Swedish pleasure-mongers. Read the review.

    If you want to get involved, check out our guide on how to write a killer review, get creative and then submit your sex toy or lingerie review.

    Don't forget to take inspiration from December's winner and highly commended reviews!

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