1. New Year, New Sex! (But get your sex toy bargains while the sale is on)

    New Year, New Sex! (But get your sex toy bargains while the sale is on)

    I bet that you've got your new year resolutions all planned out, but hopefully you haven't forgotten to include your sex life in your list of things to improve in the coming year. Salegasm! has arrived just in time for you to pick up some incredible bargains that will propel your sex life into the next decade with a seriously satisfying BANG!

    You may be happy and satisfied with your sexual routines, knowing that they're dead certs for sexual satisfaction, but there's a whole world of pleasure out there to experience. If you've never been adventurous with anal or liberal with lube and you're cautious about couple's toys, now is the time to try new things. Spark your own sexual revolution today with the hottest bargains in town from Salegasm!


    You may not think that lube is necessary for you or your partner, but you may well be missing out on better sex without knowing it. Recent surveys suggest that many users of lubricants experience more satisfying sex and masturbation when they're reached for the lube than without.

    Lubes can be baffling to decipher with so many different brands and varieties, but Salegasm! has made it easy and inexpensive to become better acquainted with the pleasures of wet and slippery sex.

    For Him:

    Gun Oil 2 Pack

    A pair of individual sachets with single-use servings of both a silicone and a water-based lubricant. With this duo, there is no sex act that you can't enhance and the miniscule price tag means you're safe to experiment without excessively spending or wasting product.

    For Her:

    Pink Lubricant Variety Pack

    A cheeky foursome of single-use sachets in a selection of water-based, warming and silicone plus a specially-designed lubricant for all of your insertable toys. Just like the Gun Oil pack, you'll benefit from a varied range of sensations by testing out these sachets. I especially recommend the warming gel for a little clitoral enhancement during any type of play.

    For Oral:

    KY Kissable Sensations Lubricant

    A full-sized duo of delicious lubricants in chocolate and strawberry flavours that will enhance oral sex for men and women. Far from being used to 'disguise taste', you can increase oral sensations and the intensity of climax by adding some lubrications before slipping between your lover's thighs. Deep throating becomes easier, allowing you to get a good throat full without choking and girls, let's be honest… the wetter the better! Great news is that this duo is water-based and condom-safe, so once the oral ends, your sex doesn't have to.


    Whether you're going into the new year with a lover or not, self loving is sure to form a major part of your sex life in the coming year. You wouldn't settle for a second-rate service anywhere else, so why settle for a second-rate session? If you're new to masturbation aides, your favourites are on their last legs or you just want a new experience to add to your solo play, Salegasm! has an array of toys for men and women to turn mmmmm into OH YES!

    For Him:

    Doc Johnson Chanel St James UR3 Pocket Pussy

    A realistic masturbator that's received a 4-star rating for satisfaction from our customers (just remember to warm it and your lube in a sink full of hot water first). Cast directly from porn star Chanel St James' beautiful pussy, it's a great accompaniment to her films and just as fun on a whim.

    Colt Power Stroker

    If you prefer a less realistic masturbator, the Colt Power Stroker is a great first-time buy. One of the most fun products we sell, it's shaped like a hand grenade with an ass in the end. With plenty of novelty factor, you can easily shun it as a joke present if it's discovered by nosey housemates, but don't let that fool you into thinking it's just a stick gift. With a full 5 stars to its name, there's plenty of sexual prowess packed inside.

    For Her:

    Doc Johnson G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

    This G-spot-hungry bunny has received a 5-star rating for its pleasuring abilities. With two vibrating bullets packing plenty of power in its slimline shape to deliver incredible vibrations to both the G-spot and the clitoris simultaneously. If you've never tried a rabbit vibrator before this is a great first-time buy.

    Tracey Cox Supersex Love Egg

    Developed with sex expert Tracey Cox, this love egg is 100% waterproof and great fun to use inside and out. Suitable for all types of penetration as well as external pleasuring, it's a great-all round toy for the bedside drawer that you can share….if you're feeling generous.

    Couple's Toys

    Spend some time over the holidays browsing Salegasm! together and talking about the things you'd like to try together. Bringing couples toys into the bedroom increases intimacy as well as pleasure and there are plenty of toys for you to share with massive price reductions.

    Doc Johnson Aura Massager Vibrator

    This bizarre contraption could easily be mistaken for a wireless computer mouse, but it's actually an incredibly sexy couples toy. Offering two different massaging surfaces and multiple speeds, you can take it in turns to give each other a sensual head-t0-toe massage.

    Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Kit

    If you've always wondered what electroplay is about but haven't dared test its pleasures, now is the perfect time to try. This kit contains everything you need to begin experimenting with electricity. Use all of the pads on one of you at a time or connect two to each of you and hold on tight to one another to complete the circuit. Now that's intimacy!


    Anal play is an incredible sexual enhancement for both men and women. The strongest muscles in your pelvic floor are located in and around the anus and ensuring that this area is correctly stimulated during sex and at the point of orgasm can increase your sexual pleasure tenfold. Grab a bottle of anal lube and try out a couple of our cut-price anal toys.

    Doc Johnson Star Shaped Anal Beads

    This shapely string of beads are petitely proportioned, soft and gorgeously stimulating. Women wearing during penetrative sex experience increased vaginal sensations prior to climax (and partners, you'll be able to feel the beads through the vaginal wall, increasing your sensations too) while men experience a deeply satisfying prostate massage. Removing the beads at the point of orgasm will escalate climactic strength for both of men and women.

    Feelztoys Vito Pure Silicone Butt Plug

    A pure silicone plug with a delicately tapered end and slimline shape. Perfect for first time anal play, it's petite enough to wear for extended periods of time if you desire. The teardrop-shaped end makes this plug especially good for men as it sits beautifully over the prostate giving a slow, gentle massage with every movement.

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      It is a great time to explore new ways to spice your love life. Try new ways to excite both your partner and yourself. We at Lynx Lingerie have just started a fun survey of people’s bedroom secrets and habits. We want to find out what toys and other methods people use to really add the spark to their foreplay and love making.
      Many of the toys you list are fantastic ways to get the temperature rising and to make the time spent together a moments to treasure.

      Keep up the great articles.

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