1. Loss of libido and depression? Your partner could be suffering from TDS

    Loss of libido and depression? Your partner could be suffering from TDS

    Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome affects many men over the age of 50 and can be treated in most cases.

    I’ve recently received a number of letters from women whose husbands seem to have lost their sex drive. Completely. This loss of libido can also be accompanied by the gradual onset of other symptoms, such as grumpiness, constant tiredness, an expanding waistline, impotence, depression, memory loss and a general lack of motivation.

    Understandably, this situation creates mixed emotions for both partners: distress, frustration, rejection… the list goes on. If any of this sounds familiar, don’t despair. Your partner could have testosterone deficiency syndrome (TDS) which affects men over 50 in particular, with sufferers of Type 2 diabetes and erectile dysfunction most at risk.

    The good news is that in most cases it’s treatable. According to Dr David Edwards, sexual dysfunction specialist, treating TDS with testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) has shown great benefits in improving mood, sexual desire and function, and control of diabetes. TRT is administered as gels, patches or injections (and no, he won’t turn into a sex maniac or Popeye) although it is worth noting that TRT is not advised for male breast or prostate cancer sufferers.

    So if your partner is a shadow of his former self, and you think there’s a chance he could be suffering from TDS, why not do a bit of detective work? He can go online to the Sexual Advice Association website or he can also try www.sortEDin10.co.uk where he can take the ADAM test to establish the likelihood of testosterone deficiency. Better still, why not make an appointment with your GP to have his testosterone checked - and go with him so it’s a team effort? A simple blood test, followed by early diagnosis and treatment can prevent more serious health and relationship problems further down the line. It could certainly revive his drive…

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