1. Highlights on Sex Toys TV - 09 December 2010

    Buying the perfect Christmas present for your lover can be a stressful and daunting task, which is why Lovehoney has hand-picked a selection of our best-selling Gifts and Games to add some sexy fun and frivolity to your festive celebrations.

    Whether you make a present of yourself in a Naughty Knot Sexy Body Bow, expand your sexual repertoire with new sexual positions or indulge in some festive foreplay, you'll find the ideal gift with Annabelle Knight in this week's Sex Toys TV Highlights.

    Naughty Knot Sexy Body BowNaughty Knot Sexy Body Bow

    As seen on Alan Titchmarsh and Jerry Springer! Make a present of yourself with this clever giant sash designed to turn you into a perfectly wrapped gift. And you can guarantee someone special will want to unwrap you.

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    Kama Sutra Sex Positions Card Game

    Anyone can learn the love secrets of the Kama Sutra. This game of skill and love is based on the ancient teachings of the East. A game for two lovers that teaches wisdom, respect and closeness through the medium of mutual pleasure and exploration.

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    S-E-X Dice Game

    A raunchy dice game. Divide action chips between the players and then take turns to roll the dice. If each die collectively spells the word 'SEX' you have to perform three foreplay activities to act out on the player of your choice.

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