1. Why does sex get overlooked as we get older?

    Why does sex get overlooked as we get older?

    Don't let age get in the way of an exciting sex life.

    As we get older, we don’t give sex the same priority within our relationship that we started out with. We’re either too exhausted, don’t have time because we’re busy juggling kids and work, or just aren’t in the mood. Sometimes we just need time alone to rediscover each other as lovers, so schedule in a time each week which you can both stick to, and make love even if you don’t feel like it - once you start you can often find yourself enjoying it! Don’t worry about the lack of spontaneity - the anticipation of your date can be great foreplay in itself.

    Try and put an element of surprise back on the menu too. When we first meet, it’s very exciting discovering a new person, but this feeling obviously diminishes the longer we’re together. Inject some fun and variety back into things to combat boredom - not just for our partner, but for ourselves too.

    The biggest erogenous zone we possess is between our ears, and for our brains to be properly stimulated we need to break our sexual routine occasionally. So dare to be different - if your usual style is soft and submissive, play a bit harder and try dominating or initiating the action.

    Take it in turns to initiate sex, and vary the pace and the place for your lovemaking. If you normally make love at night, try switching to the morning - levels of testosterone, the male sex hormone, are highest then, so mornings may be best for him. Experiment with sex toys and do things that make you feel more sensual, like wearing seductive undies or reading an erotic book.

    Make sure you get as much exercise as possible too - research shows that even thirty minutes a day can increase sex drive. If less frequent sex isn’t a problem in your relationship, then fine - but if it is, it’s crucial to talk to each other. Think about whether any tension or resentments could be affecting your sex life and be truthful and open about your needs. It can be surprisingly difficult to talk frankly about your desires, even if you’ve known someone for years, but you can always take it in turns and make it an exchange of wishes and ideas.

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