1. Take Pleasure into the Bathroom with Lelo's New Range of Waterproof Vibrators

    Lelo Insignia Waterproof Vibrators

    Renowned for an advanced range of rechargeable luxury sex toys, Lelo have now launched a range of waterproof vibrators so you can enjoy a more relaxing bath or stimulating shower. The new Insignia range consists of Alia (a versatile clitoral vibrator), Isla (an elegant mid-sized vibrator) and Soraya (a dual action vibrator with external stimulator).

    Each has a finger loop incorporated into the design, making them easy to hold on to underwater. Like all other Lelo vibrators, the Insignia range is rechargeable and a 2-hour charge provides approximately 4 hours of play.

    Lelo always deliver gratifying pleasure objects served in luxurious packaging that make an ideal treat for your lover (or yourself) and the new waterproof Insignia range is no exception.

    Lelo Insignia Alia

    A petite waterproof vibrator, Alia's gorgeous simplicity inspires a host of intimate possibilities whether you're using it alone or with a partner. Around the size of an egg, and with a finger loop to hold securely, this sleek toy is quick and easy to get to grips with. The smooth silicone outer shell glides over the skin, as near-silent vibrations stimulate and pleasure. A simple set of touch-buttons cycle through the numerous stimulation modes and speeds.

    Lelo Insignia Isla

    Isla is an elegant mid-size waterproof vibrator. The flowing shape is contoured to the female form with multiple functions to match, ensuring it always delivers deeply satisfying sensations. The smoothly curved shape of Isla makes it easy to hold and manipulate even on the highest setting, with a finger loop in the handle allowing for firm and precise control.

    Lelo Insignia Soraya

    Soraya is a totally beautiful dual-action vibrator, offering multiple pleasures that can be taken into the bathroom as well as the bedroom. The gently curving slope fits the shape of a woman perfectly, deeply teasing you inside and out with two separate motors in the shaft and external stimulator. The push-button operation makes it easy to change setting while the finger loop in the handle makes it easy to manipulate Soraya for a tailored stimulation.

    Every Lelo Insignia vibrator comes beautifully presented and includes an exclusive Insignia brooch. The symbol, reminiscent of the infinity symbol, is also present on each vibrator, wrapped around the three control buttons. What better way to let other Lelo users know that you like your bedside (or bathroom!) action couture too?

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    Comments (3)

    • Alicia D'amore: November 17, 2010 15:53
      They're beautiful *drools*

      If only I hadn't just splashed out on a G-Ki :(


    • Suzie: November 17, 2010 17:56
      They are just so beautiful, wish I wasn't so poor.

      The broach thing is a fantastic little touch.

    • masterandslave: November 17, 2010 18:50
      I'm like a kid in a sweet shop with no pocket money!
      Just gorgeous and waterproof too - that was all the Ina was missing, wonder how the Soraya compares.
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