1. Can food influence the gender of your baby?

    Can food influence the gender of your baby?

    Eat certain foods and amounts to influence your baby's gender.

    Recent studies into the possible links between baby gender and food intake at the time of conception, have concluded that a higher calorie intake can swing the odds in favour of boy babies. (In other words the more a woman eats, the more likely she is to have a son.)

    The research offers an explanation for the decline of boy babies in the west, suggesting it’s because we’re now more prone to skipping breakfast and eating low fat foods. So women wanting sons should have more bananas and salt, big bowls of cereal for breakfast, and up their daily intake by 400 calories.

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    • Alicia D'amore: November 15, 2010 16:25
      Any chance of any links to these "recent studies" it all sounds a bit, "made up for the papers" to me - not giving evidence for advising upping calorie intake by 400 calories doesn't seem such a good idea to me.


    • WandA: November 15, 2010 17:05
      Wrong, and it's hardly recent. April 2008, was this being saved for a rainy day?

      Original study here:

      Refutation here:

      Evidence for your claims beyond hearsay in crappy tabloids please before advising increases in calorie and salt intake.

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