1. Ignite Your Senses with Lovehoney's Guide to Lelo's New Flickering Touch Massage Range

    Lelo never fail to deliver gratifying pleasure objects served in luxurious packaging. From the moment you lay your eyes on the exquisitely-designed boxes and caress the ergonomic lines of their intimate collection, you know that they will satisfy with all the sensuality they promise. Renowned for an advanced range of luxury sex toys, Lelo have recently applied their expertise to personal lubrication, bedroom accessories and sensual massage.

    Lelo's Flickering Touch Massage Oils, available in Balsam Fir & Bergamot, Fresh Lily & Musk or Spicy Clove & Amber, wowed us with perfect presentation. With each oil containing flakes of 24 carat gold, they would make an opulent gift for a lover or set the scene for a special weekend away.

    But what do they feel like? And what do the fragrances smell like?

    We found the Flickering Touch Massage Oil itself is sleek and smooth. It treads the perfect balance between being easily absorbed and yet slick enough for a long-lasting massage.

    Balsam Fir & Bergamot

    "A recipe for romance: arouse and awaken to the cool summery embrace of Italian bergamot with a cedar finish of balsam fir."

    We expected this to smell strongly of fir trees and Christmas, and if we're being honest a bit like Jagermeister. However, it was a much subtler blend of warm, woody fir (from the balsam fir) that was then followed by the scent of orange peel (from the bergamot). It has a very green and earthy smell to it, with the subtle orange note outlasting the fir. A sophisticated scent, it evokes the fantasy of being stranded in a log cabin, with the fire blazing and nothing but sensual massage to pass the time - mmmmm.

    Fresh Lily & Musk

    "Perfectly balancing dark and light: deepen your desire with the fragrant bouquet of fresh lily contrasted against an earthy base of rich musk."

    Balancing musk with fresh floral tones, we thought this really blurred the line between a masculine and a feminine scent. Not overwhelmingly musky, or overpoweringly flowery, there is a beautiful musky, mossy background to the powerful smell of lily. Getting approving feedback from both men and women at Lovehoney, we think this would be a great choice particularly if you're giving a massage to a man, as their scented oil options are more limited.

    Spicy Clove & Amber

    "Soft and seductive: loosen your inhibitions with the double dare of spice clove atop a sensual bottom note of amber."

    We thought this would smell very aromatic and spicy, but we were in for a surprise. This smells sugary, with the scent of sweet shops and ripe apricots. The scent can be described as having a 'gourmand' note - meaning it has a mouthwatering, sweet-shop nostalgic scent. It smells edible, and is almost impossible to resist licking (which we did do… and it didn't seem to do us any harm). This will definitely be a resounding favourite if you have a sweet-tooth.

    A perfect gift, each Flickering Touch Massage Oil comes in a black box that combines gloss and matt textures and displays a tantalising silhouette of what lies within. The weighty bottle itself is made from thick dark glass (perfect for withstanding slipping out of oily hands!) with minimal writing almost embossed into the glass and no stickers anywhere in sight. The lid is made from coloured perspex, relating to the fragrance of the oil. As well as adding a little design chic, the circular lid makes removing and replacing it easy, while the pump dispenses just the right amount of oil to pool in the palm of your hand.

    From the packaging, to the scent, to the iridescent sheen and sensual touch, Lelo have triumphed again. This massage oil is an affordable luxury, and the ideal way to put a smile on your lover's face.

    Comments (2)

    • Miss Alissa: November 15, 2010 02:18
      LELO has massage oils now? Why didn't anyone tell me?!
      Revising my Xmas list now...
    • Hella LoveHoney: November 17, 2010 12:50
      I took home the Balsam Fir and Bergamot oil to test, review's up here > www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=20188

      I honestly can't rave enough about this stuff, it's my new favourite ^_^