1. "It's been tested 4 times already" Sex Toys Review Round-Up

    This week's crazy, windy weather has certainly been whipping you all into a frenzy. This week's sex toy reviews being particularly whacky and very amusing!

    This week's sex toy review round up

    Fetish Fantasy Sex Swing

    Giving us the giggles first this week was Gigi44 and her review of the Fetish Fantasy Sex Swing. "The funniest part for a single woman when setting up a sex swing? Who to ask to hang the hook up, and what to tell your teenage sons about the hook suddenly hanging from the living room ceiling!" It gets even better - read the review.

    Jaguar Vibrating Cock Ring with Enhancer Beads

    Loopallu didn't get on with the Jaguar Vibrating Cock Ring with Enhancer Beads, but described the experience with hilarity. "Quite honestly, it was like trying to wrestle seven steroid-pumping, disobedient, jelly polos onto a rolling pin… The best thing I can say about the Jaguar is that it gives a satisfying thud when it's slung at the wall." Read the review.

    10 Function Stimulating G-Spot Wand Vibrator

    This week roaminghands found a new top toy in the 10 Function Stimulating G-Spot Wand Vibrator. "Definitely my new favourite vibe, thrashing my waterproof bunny out of the water and relegating it back to its warren." Poor bunny, but just why was the G-Spot Wand so good? Read the review.

    The Persian Girl

    Teaching us a new word this week was englishrose in her review of erotic novel The Persian Girl. At one point there's a "possibly blasphemous incidence of agalmatophilia where a young female captive pleasures herself on a god's statue." But if statue-loving isn't your thing, don't worry as, "there really is something for every taste here." Read the review.

    Tracey Cox Supersex Stroker

    Mr.E is the writer of today's glorious one-liner - after giving the Tracey Cox Supersex Stroker a very thorough testing. "Without 'beating' around the bush, it's been tested 4 times already." Read the review.

    Whether you've been smirking with pleasure or laughing at a sex toy let-down, let everyone know about it and add a new review.

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    • Masquerade Minx: November 13, 2010 14:52
      I looked at the reviews and I'm not being rude or anything, they are ok reviews but they dont strike me as brilliant or earning a place on the review round up. They didn't really make me want to buy the product or give that much insight into it. It seems to me they are just being picked because they have a witty one liner, doesnt matter what the rest of the review are like.