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  1. Highlights on Sex Toys TV - 11 November 2010

    Lovehoney's range of luxury sex toys are the ultimate investment in high quality and decadent pleasure. Take a look at this week's Sex Toys TV Highlights, showcasing the latest additions to our range of luxury sex toys.

    Aurora illuminating Quiet and Smooth Massager

    With a sleek, triangulated shaft, powerful dual motors and almost limitless vibrating patterns, the Aurora silicone vibrator is engineered for pleasure. With dual motors, this attractive rechargeable vibrator is designed to satisfy, over and over again. Lovehoney's resident sexpert Annabelle Knight discovers the wonders of this luxurious and quiet massager.

    Find out more: Aurora illuminating Quiet and Smooth Massager

    Fun Factory Cobra Libre Luxury Male Vibrator

    From zero to orgasm in no time, the Cobra Libre luxury vibrator from Fun Factory is specifically designed for men. Made from medical grade silicone, this rechargeable and waterproof toy handles like a dream and delivers deeply satisfying vibrations. Annabelle Knight demonstrates the pleasure-pleasing power of this ergonomically designed luxury male vibrator.

    Find out more: Fun Factory Cobra Libre Luxury Male Vibrator

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