1. Spice Up Your sex Life by Joining the Mile High Club

    Spice Up Your sex Life by Joining the Mile High Club

    Tips for enjoying discreet fun while flying the friendly skies.

    I've always subscribed to the old adage that variety is the spice of life - which obviously applies to getting horizontal too. Most sex manuals will advise varying the location of your lovemaking, but whether you opt for horizontal, vertical, or all fours on an incline, not all venues are ideal for indulging your carnal desires.

    Take aeroplanes for example - joining the mile-high club was an ambition I nursed since I was knee-high to a grasshopper - well at least since I was eighteen and went on my first trip abroad (it was Club 18-30 to Ibiza by the way and I'm still ashamed to admit I didn't get any bedroom action, which has to be some kind of record?). Two decades later, I finally got my frequent flyer's box ticked on a long haul trip.

    Quick word of membership advice - pick a night flight, and don't attempt unless there are a few toilets together (but it is better to make out behind closed doors than cause offence to any onlookers with furtive fumblings under a blanket). Go in separately to lessen suspicion, and do it as quickly as possible - you bent over the loo works well, or him on the closed seat with you on top, facing the door.

    It may not be your best sex ever, and the location leaves a lot to be desired, but the illicit excitement of thrusting at forty thousand feet in a shoebox gives you one hell of an adrenaline rush - coupled with the small problem of returning to row twelve without being caught.

    Unfortunately we didn't quite manage the last bit. Despite there being plenty of loos, everyone inexplicably wanted to use ours, so I emerged to discover that a queue to rival check-in had formed during our frenzied moments of passion. I frantically warned everyone to go elsewhere, explaining that my poor husband was still in there, and had been very ill indeed. Talk about thinking on your feet.

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    • Amber: April 28, 2013 09:32
      Not travelling with my boyfriend, but looking forward to joining the club by my lonesome this week on a long haul to the states.