1. What Do I Wear to a Fetish Club and What Should I Take With Me?

    What Do I Wear to a Fetish Club and What Should I Take With Me?

    So you're taking the plunge and heading out to your first fetish club. Great stuff! Aside from deciding who you're going with (if anyone) and what you're looking forward to when you get there, you need to give plenty of consideration to what you're going to wear and the equipment you're taking with you.

    After all, it won't do to turn up in the heat of the moment, realise you're without some wrist restraints to truss your lover up or a lead to clip onto that new slave's collar.

    To avoid any in-club disappointment, I've prepared my personal guide to fetish club shopping. Offering some examples of everything from outfits and shiner to the best slave collars and spanking paddles, this guide will assist you in buying or remind you to pack those extra things that will make your night much more memorable.

    1. The outfit

    Your choice of outfit for your first time fetish event is a tricky one. You want to look incredible but you don't want to spend a small fortune on it in case you decide that the fetish scene isn't for you. Thankfully here at Lovehoney we have an amazing array of Fetish ensembles that won't cost you hundreds of pounds AND make you look like a fetish superstar.

    When I dressed Kinky Minky and Nightmares for their first trip to Torture Garden, we tried a couple of different outfits to make sure that they loved their links, and you can too! Lovehoney have a free returns service, so you can try different looks and send back anything you don't feel comfortable in.

    I wasn't short of ideas for Minky as so many new items have been via my desk from the from the Fetish Clothing For Women section that I feel like it's an extension of my own wardrobe.

    Minky firstly tried the Rubber Girl Latex Mini Dress with Suspenders teamed with a pair of Rubber Girl Latex Knickers.

    I may have been dribbling a bit at the sight of Minky in this sexy ensemble, but she didn't feel comfortable. She loved the look and the feel of the latex, but felt a little too exposed due to the length of the dress. Obviously, it won't do to feel self conscious about your clothing on your debut as a fetishista, so we tried something a little longer in PVC.

    Our new Le Fetishe PVC Clothing range arrived the week before London Fetish Weekend, so I had the perfect piece in mind for her - the Le Fetishe Saucy PVC Dress with Buckled Choker Style Collar. Longer in length than the latex suspender dress, she felt more confident and with sexy BDSM buckles and a corset-style waist enhancing her curves, she really did look a million dollars.

    Our first attempt at a size Medium was a little too big, but once we'd slipped her into a small we had the foundations for her outfit. Minky added her own thigh high boots, some jewellery and latex hair flowers made by her new fetish friend at Am Statik latex to make a foxy red and black themed ensemble. Meow!

    For Nightmares, we wanted a fetishy yet hetro look. Checking out the Fetish Clothing For Men section, I made a list of potential separates to make up a few different outfits, but one just seemed perfect for him. Teaming a pair of Sven O Wet Look Jeans with a Renegade Rubber Latex Muscle Trim Tight Fit Vest made an incredibly basic outfit that could be dressed up with accessories. With the addition of a belt and a wrist cuff, he looked decidely fetishy while retaining his masculine drummer edge. Grrr!

    These are obviously just two examples of outifts that you could try for yourself, but there are plenty of bits and pieces to choose from to create your perfect fantasy look, whether you just want some sky high fetish shoes or boots to go with something from your boudoir armoire or you need a top-to-bottom overhaul.

    2. The Bondage Gear

    Chances are that if you're heading to your first fetish night, you like a bit of slap, tickle and restraint in the bedroom. It therefore stands to reason that you may well like the same in the dungeon, or indeed on the dance floor, at your chosen fetish event. I picked out three staple bits of bondage equipment for Nightmares and Minky. I wanted to keep their carry-about gear to a minimum, so I opted for smaller items with big effect.

    The Collar and Lead

    I thought that Minky and Nightmares would naturally take on dominant and submissive roles with one another. They've been together for what seems forever and they are so fluid together, that I thought a collar and lead would be an asset to their first experience.

    I chose the Bondage Boutique Xtreme Leather Skull Stud Collar and Lead for the little details. Minky had it straight out of my hand and around Nightmares' neck before I could even tell her the name of it. It was wonderful seeing her lead her 6'4” husband around on a short rein for the night. Good work Minky.

    The Spanking Paddle

    When you're dressed in sexy wet-look fabrics, it's virtually impossible to avoid the urge to spank. Fetish fabrics amplify the sounds and make them even more satisfying, so I chose a paddle with a good leather surface and a hanging loop for easy carrying – the Bondage Boutique Studded Leather Paddle. At one point during the night I remember receiving a sharp smack on my latex-clad behind from Minky on a couple of occasions, and the switch in me can give it two thumbs up and a wink.

    The Blindfold

    This might seem like a bit of a wild card for a fetish night, but if you or your lover are a bit nervous about public play, this can be the perfect tool to dispell any nerves you have. It's also great fun for those of you who like to involve others in your play. Nothing quite as hot as feeling a hand, then an hand…..and another hand? How many people are you with?!

    I gave the couple a Bondage Boutique Soft Blindfold. The choice of colours means that it's easy to find one that coordinates with your outfit, the shape is a tight fit while remaining comfortable and it blocks out almost everything bar the most tempting snippet of sight and light at the bridge of the nose.

    3. The Sextras

    It's easy to forget the little things when you're focusing on your outfit and bondage gear. Here are a few items that you might want to remember to take along!


    If you're indulging in public play, wearing latex or perhaps both, you're going to need lube. For this reason, I always recommend ID Millennium Glide – 70ml as a handbag must have. I go through buckets of this stuff, so prefer to buy the ID Millennium Silicone Lube Pump Bottle - 455ml and then decant it into my trusty 70ml bottle before a night out.

    This stuff is perfect for fetish club nights as it's not only a slick and long lasting sexy lube, it also shines latex rubber to a mirror finish. Generally I'll get through close to 70ml a night with massage, shining and other such things.


    With all of that lube, rubber, booze and fun - you're likely to get a little dirty amd so is your equipment. It's therefore wise to pop a pack of Lovehoney Fresh Biodegradable Sex Toy & Body Wipes in your bag to help stay clean and fresh. They're suitable for both you and your gear or toys and don't take too much room in your bag.

    I never leave without deodorant either and I'm sometimes known to pop a can of dry shampoo in my bag in case my hair gets too lube-laiden during the course of the night. Fresh is best, after all!

    4. Spares and Repairs

    If you read Amy Day's first time fetish clubbing experience, you'll know that sometimes wardrobe malfunctions can happen!

    If you're not comfortable with the idea of potentially ending up naked in the club, it's always an idea to slip a little something into your bag for emergencies. My favourite plan B's are small, simple and effective.

    Tease by Lovehoney Bondage Bondage Tape is the perfect solution for a split rubber skirt, top, dress or trousers. Either use it to cover up the split or in drastic cases, just make yourself a new garment with the tape! I usually pre-cut and roll enough to make my own temporary garments as you shouldn't really be taking scissors into a club.

    If my outfit doesn't really lend itself to a temporary repair in the event of a broken zip, complete split or similar travesty of a fail, I like to have a little bit of lingerie to slip into. A sexy Negligee, babydoll or chemise will fold up into virtually nothing but will cover enough of you to carry on the night without feeling self conscious. Lingerie and nightware is also in line with the dress code, so you won't get a telling off.

    5. Flat Shoes

    If you worship at the alter of the fetish shoe or bedroom boots, then it's worth slipping in a pair of flats for the journey home. Many fetish nights are filled with stairs and even if you're lucky to find a one-level venue, you're still likely to need some respite from the pressure of a 6-inch heel (just read Marcus T's first time fetish experience for clarification!) By remembering to pop some ballet pumps into your bag, you'll be rest assured that your night isn't cut short and your journey home is much less hellish.

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