1. Cheryl Cole's Fetish Style Debut on X Factor

    There are moments in my life where I count my blessings and last night, my Pollyanna moment was being glad for my sex. Having just introduced my boyfriend to the parents, I was staring rather lustfully at Cheryl Cole as she gyrated her… everything in some sexy-as-Hell strapped stockings.

    Proving once again that only good can come from celebrities getting on the fetish fashion kick, I have to give props to the men in the room for exercising some excellent physical restraint, or at least hiding their excitement well. If you missed Cheryl's ensemble, check out today's Metro for a good gander.

    If you fancy recreating Cheryl's sexy look yourself, read on to see Lovehoney's range of look-a-like leg wear.

    Cheryl's sexy stockings had us all hot under the collar, but you may be surprised at how easy it is to recreate her look by teaming a pair of teeny-tiny hot pants with some strappy legwear and an oversized blazer.

    Hustler's Diamond-Style Net Thigh High Stockings have the same abstract criss-cross look but are slightly more understated for a club-friendly look. These sexy stockings wouldn't look out of place with a sexy dress and jacket. Perfect for a night out with the girls that you don't intend finishing solo.

    For a heavier bondage look, try the G World X Rated Straps of Olympia Teddy. Too hot for TV, but just right for a bedroom performance. The skimpy body and nipple pasties can be hidden away under that blazer while the included hold-up stockings enhance the shapely curves of your legs, leaving your lover eager to get you into bed.

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    • Avrielle_Aniko: October 25, 2010 12:12
      Wow. I hadn't seen that bondage G World strappy teddy before now. Added to my LH wishlist. Bet it feels great to have on!
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