1. How can I achieve multiple orgasms with my partner and vibrator?

    How can I achieve multiple orgasms with my partner and vibrator?

    There are plenty of women who can only orgasm with a vibrator. Don't worry about it!

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    Myself and my partner have a good sex life but I can't orgasm without a vibrator, and can only orgasm once as I am too sensitive to try again. My partner wants me to have multiple orgasms - have you got any tips on how to achieve this?

    Julie Answers…Julie Says:

    Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit 2.0 Rabbit VibratorThere are plenty of women who can only orgasm with a vibrator. Don’t worry about it - we’re fortunate that now we’re in an era where sex toys are out in the open, and there is plenty of choice out there for us to find ones which suit us.

    Having said that, some people are still stuck with the old view of a vibrator being something that a woman uses on her own. And yes - they’re great for solo fun, but they can also enhance lovemaking, and their efficiency means that they they can ‘deliver’ whenever we need them to - before, during or after we have sex.

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    But just because we have the technology, this doesn’t mean that all of us can become multi-orgasmic overnight. Orgasms are different for different people: some women feel pleasantly ‘spent’ afterwards, and others want more - it’s an individual thing. Some may even experience ‘clusters’ of orgasms, or a kind of ‘rolling’ one, but it depends on the person and the situation. A powerful vibrator often leaves the clitoris feeling too sensitive to continue stimulation for quite a while after coming - if at all.

    Some women are able to (and want to) have more than one orgasm in a session, and some don’t. If you really want to, then fine - if you take a rest and stop stimulating your clitoris for a while, you (or a patient partner) can gradually get yourself ‘warmed up’ again after a short break.

    Another thing you could try is using the vibe on a slower speed, to ‘get you there’ with a bit less vibration. Or this could be the moment to try some gentle stimulation with your - or his - fingers, as you may find it more comfortable. But most importantly, you must not feel you ought to have multiple orgasms just to please your partner - otherwise it becomes like a performance! Just enjoy them in your own time and your own way.

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    • quickmalc: March 02, 2011 13:00
      I have been married for 2 yrs in the relationship for 3, my wife and i get so turned on we do not last very long, how can we control this to last longer.