1. Highlights on Sex Toys TV - 21 October 2010

    The countdown is on and Lovehoney has brand new costumes to help you dazzle, spook and seduce for Halloween 2010!

    Dreamgirl Hocus Pocus Witch Costume

    This sexy witch costume allows you to wear the dress in 6 different ways - from halter to strapless, each look is uniquely sexy and perfectly customisable to your spooky desires. Watch Lovehoney's resident witch display the magical powers of this slinky Halloween number.

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    Fever Red Hot Devil Costume

    Work your voluptuous charms in this sexy red Devil's costume. Featuring a sexy ruched dress with a waist cincher, matching Devil horns and a sparkly sequined trident. Prepare for a night of sinful fun and games! Lovehoney's resident cheeky devil Melanie Bartlett models this devilicious costume to give you a taster of the wicked fun you could be having this Halloween.

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    Fever Black Widow Dress with Sleeves Black

    Smoulder, seduce and ensnare your prey as the Black Widow in this sleek spider costume with mesmerising web sleeves. Shimmering diamanté and sequins will help you snare your willing victim, as they submit to your arachnid attraction. Lovehoney's resident spider has come out to catch some prey in this racy number, perfect for mesmerising and capturing the man of your dreams this Halloween.

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