1. London Fetish Weekend 2010 - A First-Time Fetish Club Experience

    London Fetish Weekend 2010 - A First-Time Fetish Club Experience

    October is my favourite time of year. Aside from the joys of Halloween, which I think is better than Christmas, I also look forward to my annual voyage to London Fetish Weekend. Arguably the biggest event in the UK fetish calendar, it's an opportunity to pull out all of the stops and go sexually wild as our fair capital embraces everything BDSM for three days and nights of kink. But this year I didn't take my usual role as a model. Instead I was on a mission for Lovehoney. Armed with a pen and paper and a top scene photographer, I documented a vanilla couple's first tentative steps into the Bacchic world of the London fetish scene.

    From pre-club jitters to end of night epiphanies, read on to discover first hand what my vanilla couple thought of their first fetish scene experience.

    Meet 'Kinky Minky' and 'Nightmares'. They're 29 years old, have been together for several years and married for one. They have the 2 up 2 down and a four year old son, and are just like your friends, neighbours and work colleagues. Described by their friends as extrovert, fun and outgoing, they've always been sexually adventurous. Having experimented with latex, BDSM, threesomes, exhibitionism and anal play together, they are the kind of exploratory lovers that I can really get on board with.

    Neither had considered heading to a fetish club before, but were curious enough to agree to take the plunge with a little encouragement. To sooth nerves, we held a pre-event soiree where we chatted through the do's and don'ts of fetish events and what the weekend would entail. They both confessed to being nervous about their first event, but also excited - the perfect combination of fear and trepidation. We tried on and chose outfits and talked about Torture Garden, the event we'd be attending, and I furnished them with a copy of my Guide To Attending a Fetish Club for The First Time. With relatively little prep and plenty of mystery still to uncover, I knew we'd be in for some high-octane fun.

    We arrived in London on the Saturday afternoon to give us plenty of time to wind down and relax. I wanted to introduce Minky and Nightmares to some fetish devotees before we hit the club, so we took a wander around a fetish fair where they could get up close and personal with equipment and clothing and meet some of the scene's professionals who could answer any questions they had. Being the adventurous pair they are, they took the opportunity to experience a little electroplay care of an antique wand restorer and accessorised their sexy fetish clothing I'd picked out for the night.

    The more the day went on, the more excited I was getting about the night at Torture Garden. Minky and Nightmares were getting increasingly into the atmosphere generated by so many sexually liberated individuals gathering in one place. We retired to the couple's hotel room and I took the chance to introduce them to a couple of staple members of the London fetish scene. Amy Day, latex designer and owner of Am Statik Latex Designs and Marcus T, celebrated fetish event photographer. Sitting around in various states of undress as we tried on some of Amy's couture latex garments, we got to hear all about their first experiences with the fetish scene and how they had become regulars. You can read Amy Day's and Marcus T's stories for yourselves to give you a taster.

    After a few vodkas, a couple of pairs of false eyelashes, a bucket load of weapons-grade make-up, a liberal splash of ID Millennium Glide to shine our latex and some last minute accessorising courtesy of Am Statik Latex Designs, we piled into a cab and made our way out to Brixton's Mass Club for Minky and Nightmares' very first fetish club event. And here is where I hand you over to Minky and Nightmares to share with you their first foray into the fetish club scene.


    Saturday Morning:

    “I guess we've always been fairly sexually adventurous, having experimented with latex, fetish, threesomes, exhibitionism, anal play etc. But I get the feeling tonight is gonna be a real test of our experimental limits (with the aid of vodka we can accomplish anything). We were both looking forward to the fetish fair, a chance to spend some hard earned cash on accessories for our outfits. The evening ahead? Well I'm slightly more apprehensive. To he honest I'm really looking forward to seeing my wife in some damn sexy latex gear and trying some of the delights that the fetish world has to offer.

    The couples room is something I'm really looking forward to. (LOL) Being able to get fruity with the girl of my dreams in a safe no holds barred environment is a real turn on. Although we'd never experienced group sex, I was interested to see how things would turn out. Although I'm happy for my mrs to get it on with other girls (hey it's every mans dream right?) I'm not sure how I'll feel about other guys getting in on it?

    Saturday Afternoon:

    So we are just back from the fetish market. First impressions were not quite what I expected. Having walked around Camden Market back in the late 90's on a Sunday morning, I think I expected something similar. Loud music, crazy people. Hustle and bustle. But there was none of that. Hosted in a hotel function room, the size was certainly modest. However this did not detract from the variety of products that caught our eye. And after a purchase of thigh high PVC boots followed by some studded wrist bands I'd say we were definitely getting into the swing of things.

    The fashion show was fun and certainly helped us to get an idea of what to expect. Although I'm not sure electro play is something I'll make a habit of (my arm is still a little sore from trying out a violet wand). As we worked our way through the stands we became aware that this scene is really something quite special. The people are like a tight family who love to escape the daily mundane work existence. This is something that drives them and the scene is their chance to be who they want to be without fear of rejection or ridicule. I'm now quite excited about the evening and any apprehension we may have had seem to be dissolving.

    We then met with Amy of Am Statik Latex Designs. My wife looked absolutely stunning in a jacket (think that is now on her Christmas list) and a latex dress. Enjoyed watching her walk about in nothing but a red thong and bra. And I'm looking forward even more to seeing the pictures. I tried on a very tight khaki outfit that made me look like a sexy character out of a Flash Gordon film. Once again I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures that Marcus took. He is a really nice guy and had made us feel very comfortable.

    We spent some time talking to the designer and photographer and they shared their first fetish experiences with us. As the day wears on we are both getting really excited about Torture Garden and less nervous. Tonight is promising to be a great experience for us. Now to eat before we start getting ready and head out! Next stop Torture Garden.

    Torture Garden:

    So it's half 10 and then rain is belting down. We are all dressed to go, fuelled by Dutch courage and waiting for the taxi. Takes us an hour to get there. When we arrive we head for the entrance, tickets sorted and in we go. Straight away we are in the middle of lashings of leather, latex, partial and full nudity, masks, toys, and all the things you would imagine.

    My wife and I head for the bar, and as our eyes gaze around the dungeon area a sense of the excitement that lays ahead begins to fill us. We head upstairs from the dungeon area to the main dance floor. Now this is my sort of thing. Pumping music, everybody dancing, And loads of sexy people. I'm completely surprised by the age range. Most people seemed in their 20's/30's. The sort of young sexy and fit people you'd expect to see out in a normal city night.

    Clothes were coming off, bodies were being touched and me and my wife were starting to get very turned on. After a couple of drinks and a chance for some dirty dancing we head to the main stage show room. Again another dance floor, different music this time, but the same mixture of sexy people enjoying themselves and dancing.

    We met Marcus again and he took some pictures on the dance floor. By this time the sexual tension was almost too much. It was time for us to find the couples room. Luckily there was no queue so we went straight in. We looked around at the 10 or so mixed couples getting it on around us and went and found an empty corner. All inhibitions had disappeared. My wife looked amazing and I was totally excited. So we got down to it on the chair, only coming up for air to exchange a cheeky smile with the 2 girls getting frisky next to us. With the music pumping as well, we were able to totally lose ourselves to the moment.

    Now was time to get back to the dance floor and maybe another drink. Lost in the heat of the moment and really enjoying the music we did miss the show in the room next door, but just being in this club was like a being in one big, provocative show with every person feeling like the star. The rest of the night blurred into dancing, kissing and touching and just enjoying being able to show off with my wife without any negativity from the people around us.Everyone was having a great time. The club sounds great, looks great, and the whole experience felt great. We are definitely enjoying this world and the delights it has to offer.

    As the night draws to a close we head for the taxi and back to the hotel to continue the fun. I guess we are no longer of the vanilla variety.


    I've gotta say, I had a fantastic night. I loved being there with my wife. Being able to be as sexy as we liked and do whatever, wherever. All the people we met seemed really friendly. Not the seedy weirdos that the negative press would have you believe. Mainly young sexy and fun loving. This was a great night and one we intend to repeat.

    As for being converted to fetish? I'm not sure. My wife and I have always loved being exhibitionists, dressing up and being sexy and this club, for me, was more about being able to express ourselves freely and sexually. Maybe the fetish world is many things to many people and what works for some, may not work for others. But the point is that you can do what works for you, and be who you want to be. And the fetish world offers a safe environment for all (if you're that way inclined of course). We are definitely gonna continue to explore the scene and I feel totally privileged to have been given this chance to experience it with the woman I love. Here's to many more sexual experiences, and next time at Torture Garden

    Kinky Minky

    “When I was first asked to go to London Fetish Weekend, I was a bit scared about the whole thing, but I was intrigued to see what it would be like. I thought the atmosphere would be quite seedy, but I'm pleased to say that I was a little premature in my preconceptions.

    My fears soon subsided as I immersed myself in the experience as everyone was very open and easy to get on with, which isn't something I expected at all. l really enjoyed going to the fetish fair to accessorise my outfit as it gave me the chance to see lots of things I hadn't experienced before. There were so many cool and exciting things to test out and try on, we also watched a fashion show where there was a lady in a latex wedding dress. I couldn't help but think it was a shame we'd got married last year as the dress was lovely!

    After the fair we went back to our hotel with Marcus T to meet Amy Day of Am Statik Latex Designs. She taught us all about latex rubber and the difference between moulded and glued rubber clothing. I felt really privileged to try on some of her couture samples, including a coat which took my breath away. Marcus made me feel really relaxed even though he was working with a complete amateur that had no idea how to strike a pose, but once i had a few vodkas inside me I began to loosen up and lose my inhibitions. Perfect timing as I was about to get dressed up in my Le Fetishe PVC dress for our big night out at Torture Garden.

    The ball was an amazing experience and I think I will be going again. I expected things to be more like a normal club, where the atmosphere can be really bitchy. It couldn't be any more opposite, everyone was not only incredible to look at they were also really nice to talk to. The other attendees were so friendly with no dirty looks or bad vibes for the entire night. The atmosphere was such a turn on with so much skin on display and everyone doing exactly what they wanted to do, I felt really free to be myself. The music was banging and I absolutely loved it. I was even amazed that when i went to the ladies I was met by a lovely man outside who passed me soap to wash my hands and tissue to dry them, very thoughtful!

    The couples play room was my favourite part of the set-up, it was very exciting. I think we went in twice to have some fun in between the drinks and dancing and would have gone back for a third if the queue hadn't been so long. Marcus took photos of us all dressed up on the dance floor which was very glam and I felt like a fetish star. The club had a very chilled and relaxed vibe and I absolutely loved it. We didn't make it down to the dungeon, but I loved having my Bondage Boutique Studded Leather Paddle and I used it several times. It really enhanced my experience and I felt myself getting a little carried away with it at times. Having my hubby on a chain attached to his collar was a serious turn on and I loved being the dominant one all night, very empowering. To sum up my fetish experience i would say it was thrilling, exciting, tempting, great fun, sexy and saucy.

    In short, it was amazing. I felt like i could escape the real world and enter a new world of fantasy and fun that I could really enjoy myself in. I'm so pleased that I've had my eyes opened to the beautiful world of fetish, it was an unforgettable weekend and I'm already planning my next adventure.”

    Comments (2)

    • Ecksvie: October 21, 2010 23:51
      Wow, what an amazing post! Never thought fetish clubs would be my type of thing, but after reading this I think it's definitely something for the sexual to do list!
    • Hella LoveHoney: October 27, 2010 10:59
      It's a real experience to have and I really do think everyone should give it a try at least once. Much like going to a festival, there are lots of different little events going on at once within the same big event (although no food!). If you don't like something, you can just move on elsewhere.

      Grab something (and maybe someone) sexy, get glamourised and get involved. Would love to hear about your experience too ^_^