1. Lovehoney's Model of the Month - September 2010

    Lovehoney encourages all our body confident customers to doll themselves up and upload photos of themselves wearing gorgeous lingerie for the chance to win a £100 Lovehoney trolley dash!

    We are pleased to announce that the winner of the £100 shopping spree is welshrarebit because, in Hella Rouge's words, "she's got a great arse". Uploading three different photos, welshrarebit showed a variety of killer outfits (and some drool-worthy heels). The perky posterior was not just our reason for choosing this photo to win however. On closer inspection, it appears the photographer was distracted not by the ravishing rear, but by a game of snooker! We feel the sex toy spree may well come in handy during the snooker season.

    Remember: composition, composition, composition!

    Comments (4)

    • SG69: October 03, 2010 01:04
      Congrats Welshrarebit, cracking piccie!

      Apologies but I've got to say. . . . .

      Pot Brown! ;-)

      SG x

    • Mmmm: October 03, 2010 08:05
    • Juicy: October 04, 2010 13:26
      What a gorgeous bum
    • Yummy Mummy: October 04, 2010 13:28
      V nice