1. Whilst You're Shopping On Lovehoney, We're Hugging Trees

    Whilst You're Shopping On Lovehoney, We're Hugging Trees

    Here at Lovehoney we're constantly thinking of new and innovative ways that we can minimise our impact on the environment.

    We have already launched the world's first sex toy recycling scheme, Rabbit Amnesty, which encourages you to send back your clapped out vibrators – and in return you get money off a sparkly new one! We take the vibrators to SWEEEP who recycle them for us, and for every one that's sent in, we donate £1 to our friends at the World Land Trust, who save threatened tropical rain forests.

    It can take planes, trains, cars and sometimes even boats to make sure we get the right sex toys to you on time. All this global galavanting can lead to quite a large carbon footprint, so we make sure that we offset our emissions annually with the World Land Trust Carbon Balancing Scheme.

    Our newest friends are the International Tree Foundation, a UK-based tree charity that plants and protects trees in the UK and overseas to offset the carbon emissions generated by our servers. ITF will be planting native British tree species, such as Beech, Oak, and Ash through out the winter period on behalf of Rackspace and Lovehoney.

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