1. The Benefits of Dating Younger Men

    The Benefits of Dating Younger Men

    Men have been dating much younger women for years now - why don't we try a little role-reversal?

    When I was 19 I was lucky enough to see a magical film called ‘Harold and Maude’ - and it’s been my favourite film ever since. It’s about an amazing, life-affirming love affair between a young man aged 19 and an older woman aged 79. Okay - whilst a sixty-year age gap might be a bit extreme, the phenomenon of older women seeking out younger men is becoming far more common.

    Nicknamed ‘cougars’, we’re talking mature single women who are confident, stylish and self-aware, and who prefer the company of younger men. They don’t regard the age gap as important, and their feelings are reciprocated by an increasing number of ‘toyboys’ - who find older women are often more interesting, tolerant and comfortable with themselves than younger women (and usually better lovers!).

    So what’s the secret to making it work? Some tips for would-be cougars: be realistic and accept it’s unlikely to be long-term. Have fun and learn from each other - he’ll appreciate your worldly experience whilst you enjoy his lust for life.

    Discuss issues like money, so you don’t feel like a meal ticket. Don’t play ‘mummy’ and end up looking after him. And don’t allow adverse comments from others to affect you - if you’re happy together and compatible, that’s what matters.

    For years now men have been dating much younger women - why shouldn’t we buck the trend and try some role-reversal?

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    • sexylesley: September 18, 2010 20:35
      Been there and done the fruit and veg before i had heard of sex toys... Was not bad with my boyfriend (now ex-boyfriend) using them on me as long as there was a condom on them (lead to severe thrush for me without one and an embarrasing visit to the doctors)... But sex toys are MUCH more satisfying and LoveHoney has some very good dildos starting from £10 (prince charming). Great price when you think about it.