1. This Is Your Sex Life: The Sex Toy Box Of A Normal Mum

    Have you ever wondered what other people have in their bedside table?

    Come with us, through the keyhole, as one of our sexually confident community members shares the contents of their toy chest with Lovehoney.

    *Emma* is a straight female with a wide and varied collection, who has been in a happy relationship for nearly 18 months.

    Orgasm Army Member *Emma* shows us her toy box

    "I think it's important to explore your body and discover what pleases you as well as finding new ways to please your partner. Originality is the key and having a variety of toys really helps to achieve this. You can take your pick to suit your mood whether you fancy something sensual or some bondage."

    "After looking after my children all day and studying towards a degree, it's nice to relax and de-stress when I'm with my better half in the evenings (or by myself!)"

    "The majority of my collection has been purchased within the past year. After discovering Lovehoney and seeing the wide variety of toys that are actually available and at affordable prices, my interest in them has increased as has my toy count! The fact that I would love to one day become a therapist after completing my degree, possibly even a sex one, also spurred on my desire to build a varied selection."

    "Until recently my toys were here, there and everywhere; in my bedside tables, travel bag for weekends with my partner and I even carried round a bullet or finger vibe in my purse. Now they have been organised between my two under bed drawers for better security and due to the fact it makes finding the toy(s) I want to use a lot easier. There is one drawer that contains toys and the other is for accessories like lubes and bondage equipment."

    "I'm sure I'll be a Lovehoney customer for many years to come (pun intended!) as the joy my collection has given me and my partner this past year and a half has been phenomenal."

    1. My first sex toy was…

    "My first toy ever was a black jelly multispeed 8" realistic one when I was 17. I purchased it through a woman at my work who was a sex toy party organiser and passed some brochures around. I was sexually curious and wanted to please myself so thought it was worth a go and I remember emailing her to organise her delivering it to my home in a brown bag to try and be discreet! I was far from open minded at the time and quite shy when it came to things like sex - although that has changed greatly since. I frequently recommend products to others which they have gone on to purchase and I'm more than willing to discuss sex with family or friends to help them if they have queries."

    2. My newest sex toy is…

    "My most recent purchase was the Super Tight Masturbator for him and a vibrating butt plug. I chose the vibrating butt plug as I thoroughly enjoy anal sex and after an incident which involved 2 butt plugs melting together (oops!) I purchased this as an upgrade replacement. I love anything pink so the colour first attracted me to it and it was great value. Also the size is small but it has a nice girth so I thought it would be perfect and the fact it has a multispeed remote was great as it meant easier control for my partner whilst using it on me."

    3. My favourite sex toy for guaranteed orgasms is…

    "The Lovehoney Powerful Pocket Vibrator is currently my favourite toy and provides intense orgasms. The first time I used this I didn't think something so small and low in cost would achieve such great results… or so quickly. It really is my strongest clitoral toy and despite being able to orgasm through intercourse, so not needing clitoral stimulation as such, it's what I tend to use most often whilst alone, either by itself or combined with another vibe and/or butt plug for a quick fix."

    4. My favourite sex toy to use with a partner is…

    "I love to use the Tracey Cox Supersex Strokeron my man. After tying him up with my Under The Bed Restraint Systemand blindfolding him I tend to straddle him and combine the toy with my hands or oral to vary the sensation for him. I enjoy pleasing him and watching his facial expressions as he squirms about. I think strokers are great for simulating real sensations, and give control over the tightness by gripping it looser or tighter. They are easy to use and clean."

    5. The sex toy that changed my life was…

    "The Lovehoney Waver Orgasmic Glass Dildo. It's stunning in appearance and my first (and currently only) glass toy. It can be heated or cooled for temperature play and it's just very classy - a piece of art almost. It was on my wishlist for some time as I'd heard great tales from others about the glass range and I was lucky enough to have it sent to me as a birthday present. It's smooth and curvy and a beautiful light pink colour. It comes with a velvety soft pull string pouch to store it in also. As it doesn't vibrate there is no embarrassment from the neighbours hearing."

    6. My quirkiest sex toy is…

    "My quirkiest toy is probably the Sui Love Duck. It's a cute pink duck with fluffy charm to the neck so it's quite different to other toys I have and it contains a bullet vibrator. Most people wouldn't know it was a toy if placed in your bathroom so it's quite discreet if left around which is a perk. It's great for a bit of fun in the bath or shower action as the bullet is reasonably powerful."

    7. The sex toy everyone must have is…

    "Apart from the Lovehoney Powerful Pocket Vibrator, which I adore, I'd recommend the Sqweel. It's the only toy I have that simulates oral for a woman and I really like it as an alternative to a powerful vibe or bullet. It laps away pleasantly with its multispeeds and is gentle yet gives an overwhelming orgasm."

    Comments (14)

    • *Emma*: September 16, 2010 09:59
      Thats me eeee!! x
    • Paul ( Seduced ): September 16, 2010 10:21
      Great Blog Emma!
      That's a collection to be envious of ;)

      Paul ;)

    • siandlinda: September 16, 2010 10:22
      do think emma.s drawer and collection of toys is fantastic ,,we do roughly have the same bit all ours are in a box ,,Emma is so open on sex and toys and she loves to experiment with toys and not afraid to experiment good luck to her what a wonderful collection of toys
    • SG69: September 16, 2010 10:27
      Brilliant stuff Emma. Well done! SG x
    • The Nymphomaniac: September 16, 2010 10:37
      Wow very organised, and a great selection.
    • WandA: September 16, 2010 10:44
      Hah! Interesting idea! Although don't take it too far... we'll have some strange reality TV show on it. :I

      I remember you showing us before (in pictures you naughty people) and being astounded by the sheer pinknes apart from a few items that looked slighlty annoying then and sent my OCD mode mad!

      Interesting stuff and suggestions. Well done *Emma* and Alice.

    • Kitty_McPlunder: September 16, 2010 12:31
      I love how neat and tidy it all is! My toybox is in such a mess, I really need to sort things out!
    • Loves huni: September 16, 2010 12:43
      what a great blog post emma! love the idea (probably because im just so nosey) but its great to see what others keep in their draws.. think i need to organise all my toys as there everywhere atm!! youve inspired me to have a sex toy tidy up :D xx
    • Hella Rouge: September 16, 2010 13:33
      Oh dear, your incredible organisational skills have made me blush with horror at my bed side units. Haha.
    • MandS: September 16, 2010 15:14
      Fabulous blog post hun! Love the organising too - totally appeals to my OCD side especially with the Durex lubricant arranged in a rainbow of colour! Reminds me of what not to do...



    • Kitty Purry: September 16, 2010 16:08
      Fantastic collection and a wonderfully voyeuristic blog!


    • shellyboo: September 16, 2010 20:15
      Great post, looking forward to more of these!
    • pyjamaparty: September 17, 2010 00:35
      Well done Emma!
      As a new recruit to Love Honey I can only hope that my collection is as complete as yours in a year's time - they won't be anywhere near as organised though! ;)
    • *AdamKR*: September 18, 2010 08:13
      nice one *Emma* Great blog highly enjoyable read :D, made me think about what my answers would be lol x