1. How can I uncover the mystery surrounding the art of female ejaculation?

    How can I uncover the mystery surrounding the art of female ejaculation?

    You’re one of the lucky women who enjoy female ejaculation - also known as ‘gushing’ or ‘squirting’.

    Question for JulieQuestion:

    I have recently learned the art of gushing which me and my hubby are hooked on now. Why can I do it now yet wasn't able to before, and where does all the fluid come from? Is it stored or do glands produce it? And why don't men know about it and not think you are peeing yourself? Do they need to be re-educated?

    I have a gush a day as I am making up for lost time. I don't need my husband as I have also mastered the art on my own and boy what a sensation! Can all women do it?

    I am also unsure of the sensation as it does feel like you need to pee. I am advising my friends on how to do this and have been telling them to bear down as this helps. I hope you can help me in finding out where the youth juice comes (that's what we call it, because when you gush you feel so alive). I have tasted it and it tastes nice and looks clear. As you can tell I am very sexually minded.

    Julie Answers…Julie Says:

    You may be confused, but you’re obviously happy! You’re one of the lucky women who enjoy female ejaculation - also known as ‘gushing’ or ‘squirting’.

    Always a subject of hot debate, these orgasms are brought on by stimulation (with a toy, finger or penis) of the G-spot - whose existence is also often disputed. So I’m going to nail my colours to the fence here, and state that I firmly believe in both. Some men may still not know about squirting, but plenty do, hence its huge internet following.

    The feeling you describe of needing to pee is because the G-spot is also called the urethral sponge - a spongy pad of tissue very near the entrance to the front wall of the vagina. This area surrounds the urethra, and when it’s stimulated with firm regular strokes, it swells up - causing a feeling very similar to needing to pee (so you’ll feel safer if you empty your bladder beforehand.) If you can manage to ignore this feeling and as you describe, ‘bear down’ when you reach a climax, that’s when you can ejaculate.

    The liquid is stored in the Skene’s (or paraurethral) glands, which drain into and near the urethra, so it’s from here that your ‘youth juice’ (good name for it!) comes. The amount varies from person to person - some may produce a few spoonfuls, whilst others claim up to a glassful. Not all women like the feeling of this area being massaged, which could explain why not everyone seems to be able to ejaculate.

    Another theory is that for various reasons, the Skene’s glands seem to be more evident in some women than others. None of what I have described is set in stone - medical experts still argue over it. But one thing’s for sure: women who ejaculate describe their orgasms as limb-tingling and incredibly intense - so I’m not surprised you’re hooked!

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    • Maria: September 12, 2010 16:43

      As a forty year old woman I didnt believe in female ejaculation until I met my partner last year. The first time I did I was shocked. The bed was soaked. I'm officially hooked on my partner, as he is the only one has ever done that to me.
      I seem to always ejaculate when I'm on top.
      Is this postion for most woman to ejaculate?
    • Melpomene: October 02, 2010 23:30
      Oh, thank you SO much for this information!
      When I first experienced this.. "gushing" or "youth juice" (what an awesome name for it!) I was truly shocked! I thought there might be something seriously wrong with me! :D

      Thank goodness my partner knew about this, and thinks it is among the sexiest things in the world - but I still felt embarrassed every time it happened, no matter how it made my partner feel (even more excited).

      NOW that I read this article, I feel very confident - and sexy!
      The tip about emptying bladder beforehand was great - the feeling of "needing to pee" always added to my weird and embarrassed mood!

      Thank you, thank you, thank you! Now I'm going to the toilet and then... my partner better watch out, hehee! :)

    • Ging: October 08, 2010 22:28
      My wife and I discovered squirting after watching a porn film we won in a karaoke compeition. She was curious and it was thanks to this site that we learn how it could be done. Ihave to say it is THE SEXIEST feeling in the world waiting for my wife to share her juices and gush them all over me. They taste sweet and warm and it turns me on tremendously. I love to penetrate her afterwards as it is so hot and slippery.
      Thank you LoveHoney
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