1. Can a man feel the full sensation of a blow-job wearing a condom? Can you buy flavoured ones?

    Can a man feel the full sensation of a blow-job wearing a condom? Can you buy flavoured ones?

    Yes he will most definitely feel something - and yes, they make flavoured ones!

    Question for JulieQuestion:

    I have been divorced for eight years, after 20 years of marriage. I have had no sex during the time I have been divorced but am now ready to start dating.

    At the age of 55, I realize sex and dating now are not like it was in the wild and free 70's, before AIDS was an epidemic. I have never used condoms before, but realize they are a must these days.

    If you give a man a blow-job, and he is wearing a condom, will he feel anything? Do they make flavoured condoms, or do the regular ones have an acceptable taste?

    Julie Answers…Julie Says:

    Yes he will most definitely feel something – and yes, they make flavoured condoms!

    First of all, good on you for accepting that the whole sexual climate has altered radically since the 70s, and for taking responsibility and protecting yourself. It’s not just the spread of AIDS, but STIs have tripled in people over 45 in just the last decade, with a rise in cases of gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes and genital warts - even syphilis has made an unwelcome return.

    Luckily condoms have also improved radically since the 70s, and Durex has in fact just released their thinnest ever condom, called Deluxe. It uses an innovative non-latex material that’s crystal clear and it feels like wearing nothing at all. They have also improved their best selling Fetherlite, which now uses a thinner material to give a closer fit and greater sensitivity, and they’ve introduced Real Feel too, which also delivers a more natural skin-on-skin feeling. They also produce their own range of flavoured condoms, called Select.

    There are plenty of other flavoured condoms on the market too, with flavours ranging from strawberry and banana, to hot chocolate and blueberry muffin! My advice would be to use the thinnest and safest condom possible and try it with a flavoured lubricant.

    ID Juicy Lube Tube 12ml 10 pack

    For a good range in flavoured lubes try ID Juicy Lube - they produce a pack of 10 tiny tubes so you can experiment and find which one you like best. That way he gets maximum sensation, and you get the taste of everything from strawberry and kiwi to bubble gum - whatever floats your boat!

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    • *Emma*: August 31, 2010 23:49
      He will still have sensation if you provide oral with a condom although it will be reduced due to your mouth not being directly in touch with his penis. As mentioned above the ID lubes are good, i have these myself. x
    • Toptaster: September 07, 2010 20:01
      Its not the same but still can be ok if the feelin for your partner is there, but as far a the sensitive feelin a guy gets with out one with one the the sensitive feelin is not there for him, thus meaning really not as good as one with out, but flavored you might enjoy better only using lubes can make it better for him so try that with the condoms