1. Who Else Wants To Pimp Their Sex Toys?

    From slipping a nobbly silicone sleeve onto your favourite vibrator or adding extra bullets to your cock rings, you've been busy making your sex toys better for you for a long time.

    But if you've got a bullet that just won't cut it, or a dildo without adornment you might need some specialist equipment.

    A word of warning: customising your sex toys is addictive.

    So when a recent thread in the Lovehoney Forum mentioned a brand new silicone modelling material that allows you to customise and 'hack things better', we simply couldn't resist getting some of our own and fiddling about for your delight and amazement.

    The material is called sugru and this is what we did with it:

    Made from 100% silicone, sugru is body safe and sets to a fairly solid consistency but we aren't convinced it's an insertable option.

    The (debatable) aesthetic enhancement of the glass dildo was certainly fun for seeing what sugru was capable of. Sugru can be rolled very thinly and is incredibly easy to 'drape'. You can create some lovely shapes but when it sets they're delicate and liable to peel off - especially when given a vigorous 'thrust test' with a masturbator. The little balls at the base of the dildo fell off instantly, so adding balls to your toys just isn't going to work.

    The bullets fared much better. First up was a little tickler mod, which was our first attempt on the bullets. An anatomical fail, this clearly wasn't going to hit the spots. Durability-wise, the little hook started to crack after some fiddling, but the vibrations carried through it really well.

    The 'cup' hack was much more like it, and a great way to add surface area to your favourite bullet vibe. Again, it transferred the vibrations really well across the area of the modification and was a definite pleasure-pleaser! This is exactly how sugru and sex toys work in harmony: by gently adapting what you have for what you need.

    Well this is the natural opposite of the 'cup' hack - we call it the 'Crayola' hack and it's useful for getting those vibrations to be even more pin-pointed than a round-tipped bullet can provide. This would be a great hack for you if you like precision, but are wary of rigid and pointy-ended bullets.

    We used a 5g pack of sugru to modify each sex toy and you can pretty much get the result you want with just the one packet. What's the stuff like? Stickier than we thought it would be and a lot floppier than plasticine. It's not easy to make intricate things as it tends to wibble around - so making forked bunny ears was never going to happen.

    There's still room for more experimentation - how does hacking a silicone toy with the silicone sugru work? Would hacking a bullet to your favourite cock ring give explosive results?

    What are your favourite ways to customise your sex toys, and do you have any ideas for other sugru hacks?

    Comments (3)

    • toycar69: August 25, 2010 15:26
      Good work Alice: "Pimp My Ride" now has a whole new meaning
    • Alicia D'amore: August 25, 2010 15:54
      Wow! That's amazing! I really want some Sugru to play with....The glass dildo looks amazing but probably not very usuable but the bullets look fantastic and I can definitely think of a couple of toys that would be "perfect, if they just had this..."!


    • amy: August 26, 2010 06:35
      just fixed my hitachi head with sugru too... glad I am not the only one who has thought of making kinky "hacks" ;)