1. Lovehoney's Next Top Model and Sex Toy Review of The Month - July Winners

    Machiavelli Id

    Many congratulations to Lovehoney community member Machiavelli Id! She is the winner of July's Real Top Model Competition for uploading the most attention-grabbing photograph to the Lovehoney Community Photo Gallery.

    We loved seeing the self-styled 'Preggernaut' enjoying a bit of kink, and the domestic setting just made the picture for us. Hopefully the £100 worth of Lovehoney goodies will come as a welcome post-baby treat!

    If you fancy a go yourself, click here to find out more about how to upload a photo and enter the Real Top Model competition.

    Just scraping in to the month of July and blowing the competition for July's Review of the Month out of the water, one review stood out with its blend of witty and informative commentary with an easy-to-follow order. We're seeing other users adopt this structure already and we like. A prime cut from the review:

    “We've all been there. You're close, *very* close and then your Judder Cock 3000 makes a sad little noise and 'phhht!' you're frantically searching for batteries with your knickers around your ankles.”

    Tigerlilies earns herself £100 worth of sex toys – long may her reviews bring delight and detail to those in pursuit of pleasure. Pick up some tips and read the full review of the Zini Love G-Spot VIbrator here.

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    • Tigerlilies: August 06, 2010 12:30
      Thank you, LoveHoney! The Zini is an incredible toy that's only matched by the top service that I have always received from LoveHoney.

      There have definitely been some golden reviews this month, roll on August!

    • Machiavelli Id: August 10, 2010 18:12
      Woohoo! Thank you LoveHoney, I'll get right on with picking out some nice latex to hold in my wobbly bits, and a couple of toys for when baby's asleep. (BTW she was born just 5 days after that photo was taken!)


    • Alice, LoveHoney: August 11, 2010 12:21
      Tigerlilies, so glad to hear you enjoyed it - and looking forward to any reviews after your LoveHoney spree! August is already proving to be a great month for reviews, I foresee a tough choice.

      Machiavelli Id, so you were practically full term in the picture? Incredible! Do enjoy your treats and keep posting your modelling pics. I've seen your blog and they're divine!

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