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  1. Five Fun Things To Do With Your New Solar Panels

    Lovehoney turned to the sun for some rays of inspiration following the news that HomeSun will be giving away £1bn worth of solar panels for free! What would you do if you won some highly coveted solar panels? The Lovehoney team came up with the top 5 fun things we would do (and found a little gem amongst our thousands of products in doing so - hooray!):

    1.Charge your iPad

    Recharge your tablet with the innovative i-Pad Solar Panel from About the same size as a small rug, the handy 10-watt foldable solar panel can be yours for a mere $250.00. A snip for Apple fans and the ultimate accessory for any gadget lover.

    2.Charge your new SolarStim Vibrating Bullet

    For guilt-free pleasure at your fingertips. This new vibrator uses the sun to recharge its batteries and then your off to a pleasure-seeking start with this eco-friendly sex toy. The packaging is even made from sustainably sourced cardboard, making it virtually impossible to do any wrong with this sin-free pleasure-toy. £29.99 from

    3.Solar power your lawn mower

    Mowing the lawn just got interesting! For the modern man, or even more modern woman, offers a step-by-step guide to converting your mower into a solar powered green grass cutting machine.

    4.Zap mosquitos

    The perfect gadget for bite-free balmy summer nights. Charge your Solar Mosquito Zapper during the day and let it zap those pesky mozzies at night. Attractively modelled on a traditional lantern, this solar powered mosquito-sizzling marvel is a welcome addition to any midsummer garden party. Available for £14.95 from

    5.Power your BBQ with the sun

    Pass us a shrimp for the barbie! No, we haven't quite mastered our Aussie twang but we can still enjoy one of their favourite past times with this guilt-free grilling machine. The wonderfully named Barbecue Solaire Cookup200 will impress your Aussie cousins with its classic French style and eco-friendly attributes. With a 399 euro (£330) price tag, its time to pass the Pimms darling!

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