1. Introducing Renegade Rubber: Sexy Latex Clothing Rubber Clothing for Men

    SliquidYou wanted hot, tight and sexy men's clothing and we have delivered. Renegade Rubber is our new range of moulded latex wear, latex underwear and functional fetish attire designed to assault your senses in the most erotic of ways.

    The ultra-tight fits and high-shine aesthetics are sure to please every man's inner pervert AND the one hiding inside his partner, too. If you're yet to give latex clothing a test-run, there hasn't been a better time to lube up and slide into one of the Renegade Rubber latex outfits.

    The sensation of wearing rubber is quite unlike any other fabric and be warned, it quickly gets addictive. There's nothing quite like the sensation of having your latex outfit shined with lashings of silicone lube, an act that resembles a gentle massage. Everything about latex is erotic. The tight fit, the way it accentuates your body, the glossy finish and the amplified spank you get from a bum in rubber pants.

    Latex has the same high-shine properties of PVC clothing but fits much closer to the skin, conducting the sensation of touch much more effectively. The Renegade Rubber range even smells like cinnamon buns, I think I must have gained a pound or two chowing through chocolate as I sent it to market. For the partners, you just try holding your naked body against a man all lubed up in rubber and tell me it doesn't excite you.

    There are lots of fashionable, club-styled garments and latex underwear in the Renegade Rubber range, suitable for wearing both in and out of the bedroom. From tight latex shorts and muscle vests to latex wrestling suits - either team your latex with regular fabrics for a less wild look or you can go all-out fetish with rubber pants, rubber shorts, rubber vest and rubber gloves.

    For the more experienced latex fetishist, don't worry, we've not forgotten about you. Renegade Rubber has an extreme range especially for you full of some very naughty treats: Latex hoods that connect to pants, bondage mittens, rubber vests with inflatable breasts and even a hooded long sleeve top with breathing tube for you breath control fans.

    That's only a taster of what Renegade Rubber has to offer, make sure you check out the whole range as it's sure to sell like hot cinnamon buns. For more info on dressing in latex rubber and looking after your new purchase, be sure to check out my Latex Clothing Buyer's Guide.

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