1. Guys, have a shave before going 'down south' and earn Brownie points!

    Guys, have a shave before going 'down south' and earn Brownie points!

    I’m all for a sexy two-day growth, but it hurts like hell when it’s in direct contact with the delicate female vulva (the words sand and paper spring to mind).

    We love you going down there, guys - we just don’t want our labia to feel like they’ve been rubbed back ready for primer and undercoat.

    Scheduling in a shave earns you major brownie points, but if you’re deeply attached to your designer stubble, or you sport the full Captain Birdseye, you might like to consider smoothing some hair conditioner on your whiskers before you head south.

    Leave it on for a few minutes beforehand and we’ll be saying “Aye aye, Cap’n,” before you know it.

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    • lesley: July 04, 2010 09:03
      Have been on the recieving end of uncomfortable "Stubble" and i said nothing so my fault. Familiarity sometimes breeds contempt in a long term relationship
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