1. It was like trying to give an octopus an enema

    It was like trying to give an octopus an enemaOK, so it sounds like we're trying to create our own one-of-a-kind Googlewhack, but I assure you we're not.

    This great line is from Lovehoney customer Postillionager's review of the Supersex Strokerwhich details, briefly but amusingly, his attempt to get some satisfaction from our best-selling male masturbator.

    Ultimately he decides it's not for him because he can't wash it out (he just needs to turn it inside out, silly!), but that's not going to stop us giving Postillionagerthe Review of the Month award and the £100 Lovehoney shopping spree that goes with it.

    Congratulations! Now, where did I put that octopus…

    You can read the full review on the Supersex Stroker product page here.

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    • lesley: June 02, 2010 17:38
      Without a doubt he deserves to win. I read that review, SO funny. Enjoy your voucher Postillionager!!!
    • Masterandslave: June 06, 2010 23:09
      Congratulations Postillionager! You have a fantastic way with words, a very worthy win!
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