1. Pjur Med - A New Range Of Lubricants, Virility Aides And Sensation Enhancement Products.

    Pjur Med - A New Range Of Lubricants, Virility Aides And Sensation Enhancement Products.

    Pjur have always been one of the big names in the world of sexual lubrication, but their new launch is sure to please a large proportion of the population who have been looking for a more natural way to enhance their sexual pleasure.

    Pjur Med is a range of products that have been developed with health in mind, meaning they all adhere to medical certificate and quality requirements.

    Designed as a solution to everyday issues that real men and women contend with, Pjur Med's range is designed to overcome vaginal dryness, heighten the female libido, massage hypersensitive skin and assist in virility issues AS WELL as making sex that much more fun.

    With 10 products presently in the range, I'm loving Pjur Med for the simplicity of their ideas which have somehow been overlooked until now. I'm quite prone to sensitive skin depending on the time of month, once my hormones get going I'm allergic to everything from nickle to grass and I find that some lubricants are just a little too heavy for these times. Thank you Pjur for considering the medical and allergen issues we can all be prone to, we didn't think it should mess with our sex either.

    Pjur Med Warming Glide

    A water-based lubricant which warms the skin and increases bloodflow to the genitalia. Beneficial for women by encouraging blood flow to the clitoris, thus enlarging it and making it easier to orgasm. Infused with lots of yummy proteins and vitamins which heighten the skin's moisture and elasticity making its use beneficial in the long term.

    Pjur Med Performance Spray

    A dual purpose spray which not only numbs the penis to reduce sensation for delayed ejaculation, but it also contains natural ingredients that assist blood circulation and promote a harder, longer-lasting erection. This combination of natural ingredients make for a skin-friendly alternative to other harsher sprays. We've also had reports of men having softer skin down there after use. Win!

    Pjur Med Repair Glide

    A gorgeously rich water-based lubricant designed for the most sensitive of skin. It shouldn't upset your PH balance or cause any reaction, if anything, Repair Glide is likely to leave you feeling a bit more regenerated 'down there'. Infused with the skin care agent 'Hyaluronic Acid' which has the ability to bind large amounts of water and provide better-than-average lubricating properties enabling optimum regeneration of the skin (phew!). This is a wonderful lubrication for women suffering from vaginal dryness – its gentle formula and air-permeable properties make it suitable for daily use.

    Pjur Med Prolong Spray

    This gentle giant has active, natural ingredients working alongside a light anaesthetic to assist men in keeping harder for longer. Dermatologically tested and proven to assist in premature ejaculation without detracting from sexual pleasure. Unfortunately, the formula is not suitable for use with latex condoms.

    Pjur Med Stimulating Spray

    This one's for the girls – this spicy spray is for lightly spritzing on your labia to increase sensitivity and blood flow. A light mist over your external lady-garden will infuse you with ginger extracts, peppermint oil, menthol and aloe vera for a gentle warming and tingling effect making you more sensitive to touch.

    Pjur Med Energy Glide

    A divine water based lubricant enthused with spices for a warming sensation. Containing cocoa, ginger, cardamon and white pepper which stimulate blood flow to the genitalia and make you more sensitive and reactionary to your partner's movements. Added herbal glycerine enhances the skin's moisture levels.

    Pjur Med Natural Glide

    A naturally formulated water-based lubricant containing herbal glycerine which gives plenty of added moisture and guarantees long-lasting lubrication while caring for dry, stressed skin. A great choice for hypersensitive skin, vaginal dryness and soreness or those who suffer from skin conditions. Free from synthetic colours, perfumes, paraffin, oils and fats.

    Pjur Med Premium Glide

    The Pjur Med silicone lubricant, it is made using silicones only of the highest standards. The purity of the ingredients make it suitable for the most sensitive skin. The silicone builds a protective film on the skin without blocking pores and only a few drops are needed for long-lasting lubrication.

    Pjur Med Clean Spray

    This ingenious spray is skin-safe and can be used directly on you or your partner as well as your toys for a pre or post sex clean-up. Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral, it is an excellent deep clean and perfect for festivals and camping holidays when you can't take a bathroom with you.

    The spray also comes in the form of Pjur Med Clean Fleece Tissues (25 pack)for the all-in-one solution to cleaning up on the go.