1. Ticklers - The New Range of Vibrators Incorporating Pleasure and Style

    Ticklers - The New Range of Vibrators Incorporating Pleasure and Style

    Adult toys come in all shapes, sizes and colours, but we recently took stock of a new collection of vibrators designed not only to be functional, but to be beautiful. Tickler are so confident in the aesthetics of their new range that each of their vibes comes with its own display stand. Are you daring enough to have one (or all) of these vibes standing pride of place on your bedside table? I think I might be!

    Founded by Eric Kalèn, the former Head of Design at Lelo, Swedish designer label Tickler describe their debut range as 'quality vibrators with simple functionality that are easy and fun to play with'. After the overwhelming success Lelo have enjoyed, and with a similar ethos, we can expect great things from this up-and-coming name.

    Crafted from smooth, body-safe silicone, this range of five pocket pleasers have something of a childhood innocence about their construction. In bright and bold colours with smooth, curved shapes, to see them is to invite a touch and it is velvet soft. The artistic shapes and use of flexible pivot points to manipulate the shapely heads into and over your pleasure zones is a refreshing change from the straight-up-and-down look that many clitoral vibes uniformly adopt.

    Behind the look is a multispeed motor that out performs a lot of the bigger vibes on the market. The graduated speed is controlled by a twist base and these babies twist all of the way to 11. If you like your vibrations strong and hard with minimal noise, you'll be impressed be the ferocity of the Tickler range on full speed ahead. If you're into a slower, softer satisfaction you'll adore getting intimate with the shapes, curves and lines that this considered range has to offer.

    All 5 vibes in the range are 100% waterproof and are built to last. The sturdy construction ensures that they can take a fair bit of abuse in and out of the bedroom, you have to go to some lengths to cause damage to these master-crafted toys making them a good long-term purchase. With the correct care and an avoidance of silicone lubricant, the Tickler range is a wide investment for both the seasoned sex toy fan and new comers to the world of battery-powered pleasure. Oh, and a battery is included with each Tickler vibe to boot - so you'll be ready to play as soon as your order arrives.

    The Range - Meet The Debut Tickler Collection


    Taking inspiration from the clitoral stimulator of rabbit vibrator fame, Bunny incorporates a pair of flexible-yet-firm ears that conduct the vibration of the powerful, internal motor for a light and slow build up to climax. A firm, protruding nub which makes the face of this adorable vibe provides extra stimulus to the labia or can be used as a more intense clitoral massager with the ears pointing downward to stimulate or gently penetrate the vagina. Whichever way up, Bunny has it nailed.


    The strap-on properties of butterfly vibrators have been championed for several years. Tickler have derived aspects from these sometimes restrictive toys and created Mystic - a vibe with a shape inspired by a butterfly's body and head with long, wavy antennae to tease, tempt and of course, satisfy. In the same vein as Rabbit, Mystic also has a central nub that can be utilised for direct clitoral stimulation and sits between the two ultra-flexible antennae. When you're done toying and teasing yourself or your partner, simply brush the antennae aside or hold them pointing South for a big finale.


    The delicious curves of cute are beautifully balanced on a fine and flexible neck allowing freedom of movement. The pebble-esque tip is delightfully smooth and channels the powerful vibrations around the tapered circumference and across the face for tantalising sensations as you graze the tip across your flesh. The girth of Cute narrows to a fine taper before it widens into the delicious stimulator at the tip. The flexibility of the neck makes Cute easy to manipulate for absolute satisfaction while the wide, convex and perfectly sloped tip is deliciously sensual to the touch and capable of delivering a mind-blowing massage inside and out.


    A gorgeously cheerful vibe, just looking at the photo makes me feel a little better about life. Sunny combines a similar tapered neck to Cute but in place of the smooth, pebble-shaped bulb is a gorgeous noduled flower in full bloom. 7 individual curved nodules make up the flower head and each one is slickly curved with a deep crevice between each bump for added emphasis. The vibrations work wonderfully in synchronisation with the flower-shape for a pin-point massage perfect for clitoral or G-spot play.


    The dark horse in the collection, Rebel is fashioned in matte black and doesn't mess about when it comes to G-spot and clitoral stimulation. The bulbous end is tapered on a slope enabling it to nestle tightly against your curves inside and out. The 3.35 inch circumference to the tip feels full upon entry with the upward slope eagerly caressing the G-spot once inside. The slight flexibility in the neck makes it easy to coax movement from the bulb whilst it sits in situ for a direct route to a deep, internal orgasm.

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      All very nice! I think my OH would like the Sunny. They're like the i-pod of vibes, stylish and cool!
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