1. How To Do Pelvic Floor Exercises and Why You Should

    Tracey Cox Supersex Toner BallsYou may have heard the word 'Kegel' banded about over the years and maybe noticed some of our Kegel exercisers and wondered, “what do these mystical tools do?"

    In 1948 Dr Arnold Kegel wrote about the sexual health benefits of toning the pelvic floor – A group of muscles that sits in the hollow of the pelvis surrounding the groin. Championed by midwives, doctors, and everyone else who takes the time to do them, the practice of exercises that contract the PC muscles are beneficial to sexual sensations in both men and women.

    Just like other muscles, the pelvic floor can be pumped, primed and buffed and it's a sexercise routine worth getting into. By undertaking Kegel exercises every day you will create a more powerful sensation during arousal, a tighter vaginal canal for the girls and bigger, better, longer orgasms for all. You'll also gain some boring health-related benefits such as improved continence and the lesser likelihood of having vaginal complications post-pregnancy – but we're mainly in it for the sex.

    Where are the PC Muscles?

    Some describe the Kegel as clenching the muscle you would use to stop the flow of urine. Hmmm, partly right. In actuality these muscles are only a minute section of the PC muscles in the pelvic floor. Men and women, take time out for 5 minutes. Use the toilet and locate your urethral muscles. Then I want you to give yourself a mind-blowing orgasm before reading on.

    THAT was your pelvic floor. Everything from the main contracting muscles of your orgasm, to your anus, to that little muscle set by the urethra that stops you peeing – pelvic floor material baby, that's what we're working with.

    How Do I Exercise My Pelvic Floor?

    In order to work this musculature, you want to start with basic clenching; squeezing each muscle group individually until you gain awareness of its locale.

    I suggest beginning with the urethral muscles as these are easiest to locate. Once you have a hold of those, begin working them. Squeeze and relax. Squeeze and relax. Women, you'll find this the most enjoyable part of the exercises – once you really have your muscles toned and trimmed here, you'll be able to stimulate your clitoris by clenching. Look! No hands!

    Once you have those muscles firmly in motion (after just a couple of minutes, you'll feel that they're already much more responsive to your demand for them to move) incorporate the muscles that contract when you orgasm. Squeeze them tight for as long as you can hold them and release. Rest for a few seconds and then contract them again.

    Finally, clench your anal muscles along with them. You may feel that this is quite a strain when contracting all of these muscles at once, but stick with it. You want to aim to exercise this entire group of muscles at least once a day, but preferably three times a day. You only need to clench and relax between 10 to 20 times during each session and you can alternate between doing them quickly or holding them tight for a prolonged period of time.

    Kegel Skills and Tantric Sex

    Both men and women will benefit from incorporating Kegel exercises into their foreplay and intercourse and it isn't spectacularly difficult to do. Women, clench your vaginal muscles around your partner's penis. Men, flick your penis upward using your muscles (us girls do love it when you do that) during intercourse, you'll both find the experience incredibly sexy and pleasurable. Clenching the PC muscles can prevent you from reaching orgasm too soon and leads to a truly Tantric lovemaking session that you may be able to enjoy for hours with practice.

    Once you are approaching a point where you would like to climax, you must relax all of your muscles – this can be easier said than done. If you can consciously relax muscles as you approach climax, you can prolong your arousal and deepen your orgasmic experience. If you continue to contract and tense your muscles you're likely to miss the main event all together. It is a delicate balance that can take some time to master with your partner as you both learn to respond to one another's bodies in this new way but it is worth persisting with. After a few sessions together, you will begin to notice slight changes in one another's sexual anatomy easily which will enable you to be more responsive to one another's needs – get ready for some seriously well timed dual orgasms.

    Essential Kegel Exercisers and Trainers

    As previously referred to in this piece, Kegel exercises have a phenomenal effect on the lady garden. With daily training a woman can dramatically tighten her vaginal canal no matter how young or old or whether she has had children or not, repeating the pelvic floor exercises and contacting the PC muscles during sexual intercourse will help, but if you're more serious then you may be interested in our range of Kegel exercisers which also double up as rather pleasurable sex toys.

    Kegel Master Vaginal Exerciser

    Based on the speculum, this exerciser can be adjusted in width to help you contract against a progressively smaller or larger tool. By practising with an adjustable tool you will improve the elasticity of your vagina while simultaneously teaching your body to stay taught around an inserted object or penis.

    Tracey Cox Supersex Toner Balls

    Tracey Cox Supersex Toner BallsOnce your muscle tone is on the road to improvement, investing in some of these Kegel Balls is a must. They are weighted to rotate inside you causing mild vibrations which not only encourage your vagina to hold onto them, thus improving the tone further, but they can also provoke orgasm when used in sync with gentle PC muscle contraction.

    So remember - man or woman, no matter what your day entails, find time to work your PC muscles at least once. You'll soon be clenching your way to a tighter vagina, longer love-making and explosive, bed-rocking orgasms all for 10 minutes of squeezing a day. Can't be bad, can it?

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