1. Everything Feels Better When It's Wet: Your Easy Guide To Lubes

    Everything Feels Better When It's Wet: Your Easy Guide To Lubes

    Lubricants fall into three basic types: water-based, silicone-based and oil-based - and they all improve your sex life in different ways.

    Liquid Silk LubeWater-based lubes feel the most natural - they’re the ones that most closely mimic a woman’s own juices. They don’t stain, they’re safe for use with latex condoms and toys, and they rarely cause irritation. They can sometimes dry out if you’re going at it like the clappers, but they’re quickly revived with a spritz of water or a little saliva, and they’re good for both vaginal and anal sex - plus they wash off easily when you’ve finished playing.

    ID Millennium Silicone Lube Squeeze BottleSilicone-based lubes retain their lubricating properties better and longer than water-based ones and they’re highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way - meaning they’re the favourite for anal sex, as they’re thick and latex-friendly. They’re oil-free too, so no stains, and they’re great for massage (and as a shaving oil!)

    Silicone lubes are also completely waterproof, making them ideal for use in showers and hot-tubs. The only downside is that you can’t use silicone lubes with silicone toys (because any silicone molecules will eventually rot each other) and they’re a little more difficult to clean off than water-based lubes.

    Yes Oil-Based Organic Lube 25mlOil-based lubes are great for anal sex, male foreplay and masturbation. On the plus side, they’re very long lasting and never become sticky, but what’s not so good about them is that they’re not recommended for vaginal use, and they tend to stain fabrics. Like Vaseline, moisturisers and baby oil, they destroy latex, so they should never be used with diaphragms or condoms, except for Durex Avanti (which are polyurethane) and then only for anal sex.

    So that’s a basic run-down. There’s no excuse for not adding some lube to your toy-box - it’s not just a woman-thing - it can improve both your sex lives across the board. Invest in the smallest size possible initially, so you can discover what suits you best without spending too much money. And if you’re juicing up a body part, make sure you warm the lube between the palms of your hands first - much nicer for bare skin than drizzling on cold from the bottle…

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