1. Can't Find My Husband's Prostate - Advice From The Orgasm Army

    Backinthesaddle posted to our forums today after some prostate play failed to produce the desired results. As ever, our Orgasm Army have come up with some excellent advice to help Backinthesaddle and others make the most of the prostate or P-spot.

    Can't Find My Hubbie's Prostate (blush)

    If you have any advice or stories you'd like to contribute to help Backinthesaddle or just to share with the other members of our forums, please join in the fun in our Orgasm Army Forums. I've been especially impressed with the advice given by (Mr) sxe_couple21 and hope that perhaps both Mr and Mrs will share some more of their stories to help others perfect the art of prostate massage.

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    • marty: November 11, 2014 17:05
      I have tried the rude boy does not work is it possible just don't have any feeling in prostate
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    1. Yes, please! Email me when there are more comments after mine