1. Love Thursdays!

    Love Thursdays!

    If you love Fridays, then be prepared to 'Love Thursdays' even more. Durex have launched a new campaign which hit the British airwaves on Thursday the 22nd of April 2010. The first condom advert to air in six years, Durex's feel good campaign celebrates all relationships and aims to boost our sexual activity this spring.

    The advert focuses on a torn condom wrapper that floats out of a couple's bedroom and into the city. As it flutters on the breeze, it meets various people and reminds them how wonderful it feels to be physically intimate with their partners and sparking some mid-week romance. By airing every Thursday, we'll be encouraged to suit up and get down Durex style before sleep o'clock arrives.

    Injecting a sensual and erotic beginning to the weekend a whole day before we usually get started is something Lovehoney supports whole heartedly. We love the ad and the prospect of making Thursday a day to get intimate with a Durex condom or 5. After all, why save ALL of the fun for Friday? Thursday has feelings too! To help you on your way we're offering multibuy reductions on all Durex condoms. The more love you give, the more you save!

    Comments (2)

    • Avrielle_Aniko: April 24, 2010 17:08
      Durex are so cool! They just seem to get better and better lately with their awesome range of condoms, lubricants and even cock rings!

      Not only are their products great quality and fun to use, they have also earned the respect of a lot of people for their sexual health awareness and made it uber cool to appeal to young people today while being fun enough to appeal to all ages!

      Ok. I'll stop ass kissing now. heh.

    • Lovehoney Hella: April 27, 2010 14:39
      I have to say, I'm a Durex fan through and through. LOVE what they've done for safe (and better!) sex. :)